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  1. Are you looking for biometrics appointment in Mumbai? I'm scheduling it in the city my spouse lives in..Hyderabad,India and the dates are available there. I'm not sure as I've not looked at Mumbai appointments buddy.
  2. Received the interview letter through email just now. Everyone waiting for the interview dates, get ready for the good news guys. 😄 CC: April 11,2019 Interview letter: May 9,2019 Interview date: June 3,2019 Visa class: CR1
  3. Mumbai embassy. CC on 11th April. Waiting for the interview date. Can't wait more ☹️
  4. Yes..It says all documents are received and approved and is documentarily qualified.
  5. Hi Everyone. Submitted our documents to NVC on 29th March. All documents are accepted and approved today on 11th April The message in CEAC says documentarily qualified. Does this mean case closed? How long will it take from this point to get the interview date email?
  6. Sorry that I've confused you. It's Saturday in India but Friday in the US. I received it on friday.
  7. Please help! I haven't received my 2018 file transcript yet. Is NVC accepting 2017,2016,2015 transcripts without 2018?
  8. Got NVC Case number today(March 23)☺️NVC Received:Feb 14
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