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  1. Yes, i sent I-130, I485 and I-765 in the same package. but the I-765 status didn't update to show approval, jsut I-130 and I485 did. FYI, i applied to change her status from B2 visitor to permanent resident
  2. I filed adjustment of status for my mom (I-130 & I485), got approved and green card is on the way. Do i need to apply social security for her or they're going send one automatically? I'm sorry for hijack this topic but i think it can be combined in here. thanks,
  3. let me know any updates on your case as i went thru the same process now. I sent my mom in law paperwork sometime in Nov. 2019, she got her finger print taken in Dec. 2019. Now we just wait.
  4. so, i'm sponsoring my parents and filling out I-864. Me and my husband filed our tax together, married filed jointly. However, i didn't work last year, should i enter my income as '0' and have my husband also submit I-864 for co-sponsor? Appreciate your help.
  5. I'm planning to sponsor my married sister to US. I know i need to fill I130 for my sister, is there anything/documents to include her husband in the application, like their marriage certificate, his birth certificate? Or just sponsor my sister is all that i need to do at this moment to get a priority date and then provide the rest when the time come?
  6. Oath Ceremony schedule for Oct. 9. Good luck everyone
  7. I don't think those estimated time meant anything. They already send out my Oath Ceremony schedule but the estimated time still show 4 months to completion. Well, unless they schedule my oath 4 months out. I got notice but haven't received the actual paper so don't know the date yet
  8. how long did it take from approval until you know the date for oath ceremony?
  9. take awhile, 24hr maybe for status to change on your account. congrat
  10. We had our N400 interview and now status change to 'place in line for Oath Ceremony'. wonder how long does it take to get that appointment letter
  11. I had schedule N400 intverview yesterday. Its weird in my opinion. the IO didn't mention anything about I751 at all. We started with N-400 interview with 6 civic questions, read and writing parts. Also, went over the 'yes, no' questions on the application. She asked to list our children names, and while i answered those, she said to wait for her approved our I-751. I guess it help that i came with my spouse and our new born son. We approved for both. Now my I-751 stay the same, 'case was transferred on Aug. 6, etc.....' but my N-400 status change to case approved in my account, with the estimated completion of Dec. However, the online case status tracking said 'we place in line for oath ceremony'. Hopefully this will be over soon.
  12. in my case, i got notice for N-400 on Aug. 5, and got I-751 case transferred notice to NBC on the same date. However, on Aug. 6, i got another notice for I-751 again. but this time, they didn't send me a letter say where it's going. So as far as i know, my I-751 is still at NBC in Lee Summit
  13. yeah, i would like to know also. I emailed them thru my account regarding the combo interview. All i got replied back was they don't have jurisdiction over our paper case since i file N-400 online. Not sure i want to call them
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