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  1. Yes you can apply it online anytime. They might not respond right away though. It will take a few working days before they respond.
  2. Hi Bing. To my understanding, the FIN does not change if only a short amount of time had passed between jobs or between visit passes. It’s best to ask MOM/ICA but I base it on my friend’s experience. He had a new FIN when he got a new job at SG after about 10 years. Later he had the same FIN when his old pass was cancelled and he applied and got a new one (within the same year). Why not not try this FIN on the appeal for COC (if all else failed). Then upload a copy of the page of your passport showing the FIN. May bayad ang appeal for COC but it’s still cheaper than going to Singapore. I suggest calling the SPF for further details 😅 ok naman sila kausap. On a side note, for overseas phone calls I use my Skype account. Cheaper than using one’s cellphone...
  3. Hi, yes the police officer just signed it and I also asked him to put his designation to be sure. It was a bit illegible so I was worried too. But it did get accepted so don’t worry 🙂
  4. Wow Tuesday 🙂 but I guess a period of 1-2 business days is the norm. I am glad your local police station was agreeable. I have a friend in another country (Pakistan) and every precinct he went to, refused to take his fingerprints. In the end my friend had to go to Singapore. At the Malate police station where I had my prints taken, the cops were puzzled because indeed only criminals are printed. They had just done a bunch of tambays (this was around the time Manila police were told to crack down on these folks). I showed them the email from SPF (which I printed out) plus the fingerprint form and they complied. Even refused any “pang-merienda” as a token of thanks. Our public servants are really showing integrity and helpfulness 🙂 thank you for the updates. Hopefully everything gets done in a timely manner.
  5. For immigration to let you enter Singapore, you will need the following: - valid passport (siempre 😅) - return ticket - address at Singapore - proof of funds showing you have enough to support your stay there, like a bank statement - or proof of employment in the Philippines to show you’re going back - or proof you own a business, to show that you can support yourself and you’re going back; include tax returns and other documents related to your business - if you have a relative or friend sponsoring you, get a letter of invitation from that person plus proof that they’re employed or have funds to support you - proof of purpose of visit - so since you’re going to SPF, show your application forms etc. We are visa free for 30 days, and we shouldn’t even have to show all these, but some immigration officers are strict. Just mention you used to work there, and need to sort out your COC in person, because you need it for your immigration to the US. (They will normally ask purpose of visit so be ready with a straightforward answer.)
  6. Ok hopefully it will work out. If you can go to Singapore, you will need to stay a few days as SPF needs to verify what your FIN was. In other threads they mention having to bring proof that they tried everything but were unable to find their FIN.
  7. What I’m worried about, Bing is that even if you find out what your FIN is, you will still need to upload a photo of your work permit card (front and back) to the online form on SPF
  8. Hi Bing. Try this link again as posted by Rainey: https://wponline.mom.gov.sg/WPOLLoginController?action=WPOLLoginAction&actionType=WPOLNonLogin click on “I agree” click on “Enquire” click on “Foreign Worker Details” enter your passport number and full name then using the information on your IPA enter your work permit number and date of application
  9. If it is really hard to find a FIN, the ideal solution is to go to Singapore directly to the Police Force. I think one can apply directly, even if you don’t know your FIN (based on threads I read). Then have a Friend pick up your COC and mail it to you; or you can give them the address of the embassy (I think they require the COC sent directly to them).
  10. You are right it should have a letter in front and at the end. I have read another thread, sometimes they write your FIN on your passport when the stamp in a multiple entry visa. Please check your old passports from that time. Baka andun
  11. It would be in this website: https://eservices.police.gov.sg/content/policehubhome/homepage/certificate-of-clearance-hub.html first you need to make an appeal by filling up an online form. It’s a bit detailed. You need to upload scanned copies of your old visit pass, passport page, recent ID photo, and the document showing why you need a COC (which would be the list of requirements from the US embassy issued to you). Plus details of a valid credit card. The online form is slow and logs off if you take some time so it’s better to have all these ready. They will email you if your appeal is successful after which you can apply for a COC. This is the time you need to send a hard copy of your fingerprints. I just read the website and it does say that if your COC is older than 6 months then you need to apply for a new one.
  12. Try this link to check if your work permit number was issued: https://nric.biz/
  13. I only heard it called a FIN. Does the work pass number have 9 characters, and starts and ends with letters? (X1234567Y). Then it’s probably the same as your FIN.
  14. The IPA should change with every employer. What’s important is to look at the FIN on the IPA page and then you can apply for your COC.
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