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  1. Charlottedykstra1

    Expediting your approval process?

    Well it would depend. One of the criteria options is labelled "Emergency Situation". What exactly does that entail?
  2. Hi all! How easy is it to expedite the USCIS approval process for an I-129? I know there is a specific criteria but are they pretty strict with it? Do you have to have a good case?
  3. Charlottedykstra1

    How long?

    Hi everyone! I’m sure this question is one of the most popular on this website but I wanted to get responses from people who have gone through the K-1 visa process. I’ve heard it can take anywhere from 4-9 months. How long did the process take you in total?
  4. Hi everyone! So i'm pretty new to this website and im desperately looking for some advice on this unique situation im going through. In November 2016 I was granted a 4 year F-1 visa to study in the states. I only completed about a year, and then I left school to take a semester off. My international adviser had told me that I could remain in the US until i returned to my schooling. Obviously that's not the case as I now know, and I ended up accidentally overstaying my F-1 visa by just under 4 months (Less than 180 days). This happened in May 2018. While I was studying I met my partner. We have since decided to get married and are beginning the k-1 visa process with the help of our lawyer. Its been two months since I have been denied entry into the states. So my question is, with my previous visa overstay how likely am i to get my k-1 visa?