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  1. Has anyone registered online for the medical exam according to the instructions before the interview? How does that work.
  2. I have submitted all my docs to NVC and they keep rejecting one or two docs because they need the proper stamps and/or have to scan in horizontal position. I finally submitted as per their instructions and I hope this time its ok. This has delayed my case further. Once NVC accepts my documents, does anyone know How long I have to wait for an interview date? So Frustrating.....
  3. Great. Now I understand. Thank you so much for responding.
  4. Thank you so much. How did you get a print out history of your case? Where can I find mine?
  5. My Priority date is June 12, 2017. what does that mean?
  6. My husband is requred to submit military records with his civil documents. however, it will take a while before he receives it and it's the only document pending before i submit. Anyone leave any docs out? if so, did you have any problems or delays? Just curious
  7. Hi all, Just found this on the site. Perhaps this is the delay. Its just weird its taking so long. USCIS Continues to Expand Digital Delivery of FOIA Requests Versión en español We are introducing the second phase of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Immigration Records SysTem (FIRST), which will allow all FOIA requestors to track their requests through a USCIS online account and receive their documents digitally. During the first phase, requestors reported that they could easily login to their account and download their documents. Phase two now allows all FOIA requestors to create a USCIS online account, track their cases, and receive their responses electronically. Until this new system is fully operational, requestors must continue filing their FOIA requests through the current process (by mail, fax, or email). When fully implemented, FIRST will allow online submission, online case management, and digital delivery for all USCIS FOIA requests. This digital delivery process will save time, improve efficiency, and eliminate potential errors that can occur with manually issuing a CD. Share This Page Last Reviewed/Updated: 07/24/2018 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NEWS TOPICS NEWS All News Media Contacts ADDITIONAL TOPICS
  8. I check every 15 minutes to see if the site is up. This is insane. It delays the process even more.
  9. I have grown very impatient. The site is still down. Anyone able to get in?
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