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  1. When did you send I 751 and what documents did you send what other documents they asked in rfe
  2. hsp_1221 did they conduct your interview for n-400?or they going to send you another notice for interview?
  3. My local uscis office is taking 14-19.5 months to process n-400 what does it mean does it mean whole n-400 process takes upto 19.5 months I have pending I-751
  4. I did not send place non delivery request on phone I sent an e inquiry via uscis website and that worked I know and read it didn’t work for everyone and some are still waiting for noa1 I called yesterday and was told your receipt notice was sent on 12-31-18 but when I got home yesterday I saw it in my mail my receipt notice yes I think one will have to wait for 30 days after placing non delivery request I know it’s frustrating and are some are waiting for long times to get noa1 I can only say send 2nd inquiry if you don’t get noa1 after sending one I know placing non delivery request is still not helping some and most are still waiting but it does work for some because it worked for me and for others so use this option and hope for the best At end of day you can only try and wait and if you are too closer to your green card expiry then you can get 12 months stamp via info-pass appointment or you can try to wait and you might your noa1 it’s frustatone and there is no way to track noa1 but be patient send another inquiry for non delivery if you don’t receive after sending one and if nothing works get 12 months stamp
  5. I 751 sent date:11-23-18 Uscis received on 11-26-18. I Sent online e inquiry for non delivery of notice on 12-27-18 uscis replied with email on 12-29-18”we researched your case.we have sent you receipt notice “ uscis Texas service Centre sent receipt notice on 12-29-18 receipt notice received on 01-07-19,at end some suggestions from my side are that if it’s been more than 30 days since uscis received your i751 package and you have not got receipt notice then do send an inquiry via going online through uscis website for non delivery or give call to request for resend notice,you can send second inquiry for non delivery once 30 days passed since you send your initial inquiry and you have not received receipt notice or maybe you can send it once the processing of initial or first inquiry has been completed so I am slightly unsure when you can send 2nd inquiry in case of not getting your receipt notice i called uscis customer service and they told me they sent notice on 12-31-18 even though the receipt notice date is 12-29-18,you can call uscis customer service they might tell you that when did they send you receipt notice if calling once does not give you your desired information call some other day some other time different customer service representative might give you different reply so anyways good luck I know it’s frustrating process and uscis is backlogged but I hope and pray everyone will get their NOA1 soon
  6. ThiThe first person who picks upon phone is tier 1 officer or also known as call operator then I heard you need to ask tier 1 to connect you 2 to tier 2 officer and tier 2 officer always has more information regarding cases tier 1 just tells us what is shown by uscis website when we check our case status online do tier 1 in most cases is not big help because you can login or check case status and similar status they let you know this is what I read on different forums here and on Fb
  7. Those who filed earlier should get noa1 first
  8. Yea but isn’t frustrating for those who files earlier like in October and November are still waiting for noa1 and most of December filers are getting their noa1
  9. Thanks how did you send letter via mail or you went personally to drop letter?did the officer tell you send them letter?how did you find the name of the officer? Congrats on approval
  10. Surprisingly December filers are getting their noa1 and November even October filers haven’t got their noa1
  11. People who filed in October 2018 they have not got their noa1 as well
  12. Yes but waiting for another 30 days means your green card would be expired or would bel closer to get expired isn’t it?
  13. Oh I was thinking they are saying they sent it couple of weeks back after receiving my i751 if they sent it now then I might receive it in 7-10 days I heard they say they have sent it initially but they often don’t when we send e request then they actually send it and sometime they initially they send it and it takes 8 weeks to get it so sending e request doesn’t help some anyways thank you guys
  14. Did you guys receive your extension letters how long did it take you to receive your receipt notice I sent more than 6 weeks and until no receipt notice