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  1. Do employment dates need to be exact or are estimates okay?
  2. Hey! My husband and I are very close to sending in our petition. Just wanted to tell you guys what we have as proof of our relationship and know if it seems like enough. -Copy of marriage certificate. -Copies of our ID's. -My husband's auto insurance that has me on it. -A summary of our story. -Our chat logs showing communication since 2014. -Emails we've sent each other. -Cards we sent each other. -Receipts for things we got each other. -Chat logs showing communications between him and my mom, my mom and his mom, his grandmother and I and his mom and I. -Our call logs. -Video call screenshots. -Social media interactions between us and each other's family members. -Copies of our boarding passes, passport stamps and itineraries. -Movie tickets, bus tickets and receipts for things we paid for while visiting each other. - Pictures of us from our visits with and without family members and pictures of our wedding. -Receipt for our hotel the day we got married. Does this seem like enough evidence or is there anything else we could add? I'd really rather be safe than sorry on this. ALSO, we thought about having some thrid party affidavits but my question is should we just send it off as soon as possible without them or wait to get them? TIA!
  3. How mnay pictures from each visit did you include? Also, what about chat/call logs? How many did you include?
  4. Thank you! Should I also add that the marriage certificate and birth certificate are photocopies or is that not needed?
  5. Can someone show me a recent example of the I-130 cover letter? This is what we have as of now and I was wondering if that was good or if we need to add anything. Also, what address do we need to put in? Thanks
  6. Hey, do we need to send copies or originals to the USCIS? Also, does the part with the income form and police certificate come at the NVC stage?
  7. Thank you. Im pretty sure we can't really do anything financially like put me on his bank account because I'm not there but I'll have him ask. Other than that we saved everything but I want to have everything just so we know we're good.
  8. Having the relationship story laid out from what I heard is part of the evidence for the spousal visa (Although I heard it is optional). So I was just looking for feedback because I want to know if it's good enough. Thanks though!
  9. **it's not finished but I really need to know if it's going in the right direction. Any tips or feedback are welcome, no hard feelings I just want to make sure it's good. Thank you!** Austin and I met on an online chat website called Omegle in early January of 2014. We were just two teenagers looking for someone to talk to and after several chats with different strangers which all led nowhere, we finally came across one another. We knew as soon as we started talking that day there was something special between us, we felt as if we already knew each other and we were so open and comfortable with each other. We ended up moving to an app called Kik and talked for hours that day. We have spoken to each other every day since then, texting, video calling, playing online games and spending as much time as we could together. After three and a half years the time was finally right and I booked my flight to the US. On June 4, 2017, I flew to Indianapolis to meet Austin for the first time. We were both so excited yet so nervous, we couldn't believe after all these years we were finally going to be together. As as soon as we met and held each other we knew everything was worth it and once again, we felt so comfortable and happy with each other. We spent two amazing weeks together, full of firsts, travels, laughter, fun and most importantly enjoyment of the precious time we got to have together. During this time Austin showed me around the city, we went downtown and did some fun activities with his mother, he took me to his favorite places and restaurants and brought me over to meet his family and it was all so amazing. After the two weeks have come to an end we had to say goodbye which was the hardest thing we've ever done. We had planned to meet again in three months but things didn't work out as we planned and we ended up waiting over six months to meet again. On January 16th of 2018 I flew to see Austin for the second time, we got to spend a month together. We got to spend our fourth year anniversary and my birthday together which was so special for us. On our fourth year anniversary during our romantic dinner Austin proposed to me and I gladly said yes. We decided we didn't want to waste any time, we wanted to make it official. And so on February 11th, 2018 we got married. We had a small ceremony in his mother's house with close family, while Austin's father and my mother watched the whole thing on video call.