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  1. My mom had her interview today in El Salvador and her visa was approved thanks God
  2. Hi, this is my first time posting. I applied form my mom, after a lot of REF I finally got a CC on May 22, and on June 20 I got IL by email and her interview will be on July 10 in El Salvador. I haven’t see a lot of people from my country, so if there’s anybody from there I will appreciate your advice. Thank you.
  3. Now, I’m citizen so I filled an application for her, and waiting for CC and interview date.
  4. Someone can share their experiences with the interview process? My mom hopefully will have her appointment on June or July, and I was wondering what kind of questions they’re going to ask her. She and my dad were married before, he’s a citizen and filled an application for her in the past, but they divorced and he cancelled the whole process, so I don’t know if she will be asked about that too?
  5. I’m hoping to get CC by the end of April Somebody knows how is the interview for parents?
  6. I’m a US citizen and trying to bring my mom from El Salvador, I submitted all my civil and financial documents to through CEAC website, and on April 10th I got an email saying that all my documents were approved, but they also send me a message on CEAC website asking me for all my W-2, which I submitted on April 11. So I was wondering how long they are going to take to review the new documents so I can finally get my CC.
  7. Have you ever previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien? I am filling for my mom now, but last year I also submitted an application for my husband, the application is still in process, so the answer is YES, but I’m kind of confused on City or Town and State?
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