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  1. Hello, my passport is expiring on September/2022 and the interview seems to be going to take a while to be able to schedule one so should I Renew it or what ?
  2. hello so when i try to get to schedule an interview it tells me ( There are currently no appointments available. ) how do i get to fix this ?
  3. hello , so when i am filing the 160 ds form do i have to list all social media accounts even tho i don't really use them like i do have one but i don't use
  4. So i need to fill the 160 ds form for my k1 visa to schedule an interview then i have to go to this website to log in and make an appointment from there what i want to ask is , does anyone has a video that teaches you the steps 1 by one and what do i need to have first before filling the 160 ds form do i have to wait the embassy to contact me first ? or can i do it right now since my visa says ready on the https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV thank you very much in advance.
  5. thank you very much ,I appreciate your help very much.
  6. So i just check my The Nvc site and it said that my application is ready , What next , what do i have to do? do I have to schedule the interview or they do it ?
  7. so my k1 Case Was Approved on September 25th so tomorrow is 4 months do i have to contact them before tomorrow to extend it or what should i do for that matter
  8. Thank you very much I appreciate your help very much
  9. Hello everyone and good evening or good morning or good after noon everywhere around the world So with the President Jo Biden Do you think he will resume the k1 visa or the things will still wait till march or till the end of the year ? Also the case expiry is gonna be extended without any action from me right ?
  10. How much is the net income need for us citizen to be having a year and if the sponsor lives with his family are they gonna be his household and make him need more income ?
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