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  1. verde3light

    DS-160 CO-Sponsor

  2. verde3light

    DS-160 CO-Sponsor

    Ok so I don’t need two ds-160s but I do need two i-134s filled out by me (petitioner) and one by my friend (co-sponser) ? Right ? Also what documents should be included with this form because I see my old questions about this but I was sure if they fill out everything that should be added with these forms like tax info or such. What’s everything that’s needed ?
  3. Can someone please tell me who email is needed for this part of the process? If my fiancee do not know english do I put my email address in this part: Register at the scheduling site. You will need your case number that was provided to you by the National Visa Center (NVC)- this is a 10-digit number that will most likely begin with “RDJ.” Make sure you are in the “Immigrant Visa” section of the website and select the option that states: “I HAVE RECEIVED A LETTER FROM THE CONSULAR SECTION WITH INSTRUCTIONS TO REGISTER OR SCHEDULE A K VISA APPOINTMENT.” ?
  4. I was just wondering how accurate do the travel plans on the DS-160 need to be?
  5. verde3light

    DS-160 CO-Sponsor

    Therefore, the DS-160 is only filled out by me and my fiancee ? Right?
  6. I was wondering if the CO-Sponsor also fills out the DS-160 or just me and my fiancee? I saw the example version from this site but I did not see anything with Co-sponsor on it.
  7. verde3light

    Vaccines before the interview

    When you just say "medical" I'm not sure if another word should be added to that because usually in college someone says "medical facility or medical so on...". Therefore, I asked to elaborate so I understand. I don't understand why so many smart comments here. Everyone is different.
  8. verde3light

    Vaccines before the interview

    "What is there to elaborate" lol...smh
  9. Does this link (form) provided below mean that both me (petitioner) and my friend (potential sponsor with me) will be both sponsoring my fiance or is it only for one person to do this? If it's only for one where do I find the form for us both to sponsor my fiance? Also, where should this form be going? https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-134.pdf
  10. verde3light

    Vaccines before the interview

    elaborate please
  11. verde3light

    Vaccines before the interview

    "Don't get them before the medical at another facility." Could you elaborate more ont his part please?
  12. Is it true that all the vaccines or none are required for the beneficiary to leave the country. Wondering as this interview for Rio becomes closer since my fiancé said that she read something in the group she is apart of about vaccines in Rio stating this.
  13. I’m so excited I don’t even know what to do now lol I will update my case on this website once my laptop returns from repairs but what now ? From what I got out of the letter is that I’m just waiting 30 days for a letter or something from the NVC? After that then what ?
  14. These couple word posts and few sentences is what scars me. Usually people here get into more detail. I need a spoon and a bowl because like many people here I get worried just as they do. I’m not here everyday either and just lost a friend so I figured I could just get a quick answer 😐 Thank you