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  1. My husband who came here on a K1 and now has a conditional greencard just renewed his passport. His passport number changed, so do we have to inform USCIS that we renewed it and give them his new passport number before we file to remove conditions on his greencard? If so, what's the process?
  2. We just received a notice for my husband's marriage green card interview, which is scheduled next month. We thought we had extra certified copies of our marriage certificate from when we filed the AOS form, but can't find them anywhere. Currently because of COVID, the city clerk office where we got married is closed and only accepting mail-in requests for vital records copies, which can take 10-14 weeks. Obviously this time table doesn't match up...so we were wondering if we could just give them the original copy of our marriage certificate at the interview? And then we'd get the certified copy from the city clerk later in the mail to keep. Not really sure what our options are here otherwise. We already waited over a year for this interview to be scheduled, so we want to avoid rescheduling if possible.
  3. My husband received his EAD/AP combo card in February. I know we have about 6 months before his EAD expires, but I was wondering how long EAD renewal typically takes and how bad the delays have been because of COVID, to get an idea if/when we should file for renewal. Also, his AOS status online says that they've been ready to schedule the interview since January. Some other threads about EAD renewal that I checked generally suggested to wait for the interview to be scheduled, but again, I'm not sure how bad the delays are. We want to avoid his EAD expiring and pending renewal so that he can't work while we're waiting for his interview. Any advice would be appreciated!
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