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  1. Thanks for all the info guys. This is why I wanted to ask and get everything cleared up for me so that I understood. I kept finding so much conflicting information both online on different forums and as well by people directly who supposedly done it this way.
  2. I am currently trying to gather some information to figure out my options on bringing my spouse to the US. I am currently living in the US and my spouse is currently living in Europe as an Austrian Citizen(originally born in Croatia). I am obviously trying to minimize the time we spend apart during this process. During my research and advice that I received from others that the easiest way is to have my spouse fly to the US and we start the visa process from within the US. If started within the US, she would not be required to leave unless her application is denied. However, while searching online and on the USCIS website, it seems this is only possible on a K1 Fiance Visa and I cannot find any other supporting information on the USCIS website. I know that we will be filing for an IR1 Visa as we have now been married for two years. So sadly, I believe the K1 Fiance Visa will not apply anymore since we are married. So my questions are as follows: If my spouse flies to the US on an ESTA are we able to start the I-130 petition while she is here in the US and she can stay while the Visa process is taking place? If so, is still true for cases after 2017? Is there any other method of minimizing the time spent apart or is our only other option to start the process while she is outside the US? Thanks