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  1. As I recently discovered this issue of traffic citations and or amount of fines paid is about the most hotly debated topics on this and many other forums. Tons of posts saying include or exclude. Many seem equally plausible. My take away(after reading many posts) is that it depends on the officer doing the interview. Probably shouldn't be that way but it looks like it is. Therefore I am declaring my very minor speeding violations and doing my best to get records. In Illinois going to the DMV office with a form filled out and paying $12 is supposed to get you all violations even out of state. I had one in NC about 15 yrs ago. Here in IL they are referred to as Driving Records Abstracts. Good luck deciding!
  2. Kan777

    Help! N400 Denied

    Well a bit of googling seems to have answered my own question on the matter. From the USCIS website under tips for filling online. Respond to requests for evidence We will notify you by mail and text message or email, if you need to respond to a request for evidence (RFE). Log in to your USCIS online account and go to the “Documents” tab to view notices and respond to the RFE. https://www.uscis.gov/file-online/tips-filing-forms-online
  3. Kan777

    Help! N400 Denied

    So sorry Angela. It sounds like you did everything 100% correct as far as covering your bases when sending it. Best wishes with getting this resolved. For the benefit of others and myself Im curious about how the online situation is with RFE's? (had to look up what that was). Im doing my online app and wondering if this RFE would be requested online as well as snail mail?
  4. I'm sure if I had elected to file the paper method I would have done exactly what you did based on the information on the intructions plus what I have read here. Best wishes to you.
  5. Wanted to add that (as I posted recently on this site but cant recall which sub forum). I am of the opinion that when doing the online filing the actual questions may change dependant on your response to an earlier ones. Why did they ask for my marriage cert? Not sure but perhaps because I also posted some unemployment info? Who cares. If it asked I did it. As I said in the other forum Im no I.T. expert but it seems reasonable that their program can respond with different questions (or order of questions) depending on what you answer. Maybe it beneficial to us online applicants to reduce the number of requests for additional documents for the interview or worse causing a denial of citizenship pending the additional info?
  6. Im in the process of applying and Ive been a GC holder for 39 years. I chose the 5 year route (as recommended) and it most certainly did ask for a copy of my marriage license which I uploaded. Married 38 of those 39 years btw. Even to the same American lol!
  7. Hey. So in in the process of filing online I noticed some differences on the questions asked vs what other folks have said they experienced under similar circumstances. Been a GC holder 39 yrs (long story lol) so im filing under five year rule. Also married for 38 yrs to an American born spouse btw. Ive read on this very forum that wedding certificates are not asked for 5 years apps yet it was asked for as a required document. No problem. It also asked for my 35 yr old and 33 yr old American born children birth certs who haven't lived with us for many years. And today to err on the side of caution (and reading countless posts on line) I decided to change the answer to the ever had a citation? question to yes. In 39 years I have had a few moving violations that I cant even remember that were fines and paid in full. ( Ive read you can go to the DMV and get a complete record of everything regardless of age) After i changed the answer (I had previously completed the whole application with the exception of uploads) it threw a few previous un asked questions about willingness to fight for the US in an armed conflict if required by law and another similar one. Then an oath willingness question. So I think the online system is perhaps designed to ask certain or different questions depended on what the applicant inputs. Im no IT person but it seems reasonable to think that it could.
  8. Following. Ive read various things about this. I have little recollection of my few speeding tickets over the last 39 years. None for sure in the last 8- 10. However to be safe I answered yes to the ANY citation's and filled in the next couple of boxes stating paying any fines and my best recollection of when they were. One may have been in North Carolina. I probably will go to the DMV and pay the fee to get life time record for all states ( if thats possible) to be overly cautious before filing.
  9. Oh my!! This is so good. Thanks. Even tells you you're current Gov, state capital, senators and gives a list of your possible congressman. Everyone seriously needs this app! The title to the one I got is US Citizenship Test 2018 Audio.
  10. Thanks married. I actually never thought of that duh!! Probably has something to do with my advanced age lol. Just downloaded it from The App store.
  11. Just and FYI. These are flash cards available on Amazon for about $11. They have the updated 100 questions and answers on the back. Pictured are a Question front and an answer back plus a pen for size context. Compact enough to take anywhere in a pocket or purse. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XG8QBT5/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Ive been a PR since 1979 and married since 1980 and for what ever reason under the evidence section it asked for a marriage license. No issue as I had to get certified copy for dependent status under my wife's employer based medical insurance. I figure the system at immigration does thing randomly like this or I was prompted for it as a result of some other answer I gave.
  13. I don't have some exact dates on clubs and organization due to they either are non existent now or they don't have complete info etc. Can I just ball park it and attach a letter with the application for this category and clarifying statements on other issue? As an example I know I was a den leader of the boy scouts for half year or so but it was decades ago. In contacting them they told me they no longer have records that far back. Also I know the membership expiration date of another group but not the join date.
  14. Thanks. After a couple of try's it showed my arrivals back but not departures from. TBH Not even sure when you drive if on the US side they even stop you at the border? It doesn't appear Canada has a similar site for me to check my date of entry.
  15. So as I am reviewing the N-400 its asking for time spent outside the U.S. in the last 5 years. I think no problem I'll just look at my 2 most recent Canadian passports. Nope. No stamps! It would have only been land crossing's to Canada ( I think twice for a few days each). How do I go about getting exact dates?