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    Miguel and I were together now for 13 years and married for 9 so we finally decided it was time to get his papers after all he had been paying taxes for years and had been a great worker and husband he had no criminal record and although illegal waiting for a president to pass a law to help him stay here legally was going to be a very long wait.
    So I started my husband visa process on 6-24-2016 application I-130 Petition for Alien Relative which costs us 420 dollars got approved with no issue and then we filled out a I-601a Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver costs 630 dollars also approve we were then instructed to make his medical appointment along with his fingerprints and pic then he would also receive his interview at the American embassy in Cuidad Juarez .

    He was then given his original appointment at the embassy for 5-22-18 and we had scheduled his medical exam on 5-8 so he had to travel back to Mexico to achieve this since he had not seen his family in several years I thought it was a good Idea to send him down early so he may spend time with his family beforehand he left me and got on a plane April 26th and still has not been able to come home .

    He went to his medical exam on 5-8 and was told they found spots on his lungs and that he needed to return for further testing and that they were cancelling his interview with the embassy and stated his test results would come back in 10 weeks .We had already booked his travel to the appointment in Cuidad Juarez before he even left US so we lost 200.00 on one plane ticket as that money was nonrefundable . And Keep in mind we had not planned for this to happen and now I have not enough money to pay rent and bills alone but make it work as good as I can.
    He was told to call them back on July 20th 2018 .. So, I call on July 18th and ask if they have the results they say yes and that is was nothing. And that they would now medically clear him of course I knew that as he has never been sick in all the years I have been with him . So I am told I can now reschedule his interview at the embassy I got online and the next available was July 31st so I reschedule his plane and book his hotel of course that’s another 250.00.

    He arrives at his interview with all the paperwork on July 31st 8 am they proceed to ask him questions and one question came up after they asked him when he came into the US which was the year 2000 he replied correctly after that the officer asked what happened in the year 2006 di he leave US and reenter he said yes and of course due to his mother almost dying he left to see her as he did not know if he would ever see his mother again . He answered true fully and after the interview the officer advised him he was approved and told him to check the website https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-mx/iv to get his tracking number for DHL as his passport and visa will be sent to that office.

    So I check the status on 8-3 it says ISSUED and stated that the visa had been printed and will be on the way to the DHL office. So I go in on 8-6 and check for the tracking number the status now shows REFUSED to refer to the paper you received at your interview of course this makes no sense so I call the NSV office and they state his case is still in process so I blow it off as a glitch then I proceed to check again on 8-9 and now the system said TRANSFER IN PROGRESS your case is being transferred to another US embassy check back later .

    On 8-14th I check the computer once more as this is the 10th bd and hoping for good news and not I have a DHL tracking number so excited I tell Miguel go get your visa you can finally come home. He gets to the DHL office only to find his passport and a denial letter that states the below;

    9B2 212 a 9 b II the solicitant was illegally present in US for more than 365 days. His inadmissibility expires after Mayo 2028.

    For the infraction indicated above you can do the following I601 waiver -the eligibility of a pardon will be determined by the service of immigration and naturalization of the us

    9C1 212 a 9 C I the solicitant entered or attempted to enter the US without inspection after being present illegally en the US for a period of more than 365 days .

    For the infraction indicated above you can do the following I 212 application -the eligibility of a pardon will be determined by the service of immigration and naturalization of the us

    I then proceeded to contact an Immigration lawyer who states there is NOTHING we can do. So what I am I supposed to do at this point Live in Mexico for the next 10 years and sell everything we have worked for all my life ? This is not fair Miguel has tried to be a good person here in US and for us trying to do this the right way this is how you get treated do they not care that this has torn us apart.


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  1. lol have you seen they way they drive there . No way I would even want to drive there especially in Mexico city its very scary and dangerous. I was looking into to getting the visa before i left but I will not have a job when I first get there so I am unsure of how I can still apply for a RP visa . The Mexican embassy is a 4 hour drive from here but I was told I could apply for it there and the embassy is only 1 hour away . Not sure which way is best?
  2. Yes I am getting ready to move down there to be with him just waiting on my bankruptcy discharge then house up for sale. Hoping it sells fast so I can go soon . The immigration lawyer said to keep an eye on the laws and if they change before the 10 years is up we may be able to come back sooner. Who know I may like living there better and want to retire there lol.
  3. Paul thanks I will file for the PR not sure if it matters that I will not be working the first couple of years . my only income with be from selling my things to move there which I plan to keep the majority of my money in the us so I can have dollars. Hubby is only making 1400 pesos a week now which is only like 350 a month at least he has he house so no rent.
  4. Thanks Paul and Mary I have decided to move to Mexico .I am over the shock of it now and am looking forward to being there although I will sell the house to have enough money to hang out a while. MY medicine and vitamins are to much money there so I will need to fly back and forth to US to get them every 6 months. As did not find anyway to get my meds shipped to Mexico I was told there a very strict rules . I will look for a US paying job after a couple of years. I will look into the permanent resident visa .I know flying every 6 months they can also continue to give me the temporary one as long as I leave before those 6 months is up. My husband owns his house so no rent just a electric bill we still have no running water but hope to get that soon . Maybe the immigration laws will change after I am down in Mexico and we can come back sooner. (wishful thinking)
  5. I have considered moving there but he does not want me to sell my house and property and loose all we worked for at a cheap price. Another thing is I would have to be stuck being a housewife for the first 2 years unless I had a job going over there which my job is not willing to let me transfer. So to rely on 1200 pesos a week to support us both is very little. I am trying to figure it out as of now I can always fly down there and use my vacation time to be with him..Hope something comes to mind soon on what exactly we will do.
  6. Thanks everyone this is very frustrating I am so heartbroken it feels like my husband died . I am worried if we don't figure something out I will become single and 13 years with a good man and now alone . Appreciate your help!!!
  7. Visitor he left to go to Mexico for his embassy appointment we already had an approved I-601a and I thought we were good but that did not even work I had presented the reason for my hardship and they did not even care I have AFIB and my stress is really bad right now I am scared to have a stroke . But again I proved all that to immigration and we paid over 600 for that form and nothing worked . I am a US citizen born here . There has to be a loop hole or a form I can file right now to get him back .
  8. his mother was very ill that is why he left in 2006 and yes he came back illegal again in 2006 . I think it is ridiculous as since your mother is almost dying and you want to see her you would go back home there should be a pardon for that . So how am I supposed to live in Mexico I will have to sell all my things and give up everything we have worked to get I am 50 now by the time we wait the 10 years we are still not guaranteed a visa . and I will be 60 by then and wont want to start all over as I would be retiring soon . If I thought this was going to happen he should have stayed here illegal at least we still would of had a half way decent life to live. together 13 years and married 9 and now decide if I want to keep my husband and live in Mexico or just get a divorce and move on with my life alone . This is bullshit and the immigration laws don't care about families look what they did to the poor kids that needed to be with their parents they don't care about anyone they only want to steal your money .
  9. thanks everyone for the advise It has been a very hard decision do I choose family as my Dad is almost 75 and living out of the country is hard on the other hand after I sell all my positions and give away my animals (crying for the past 2 days) I have decided to go live in Mexico as long as I have the money to fly back and forth I need to see if it is a possibility to keep my job and work from there . The whole issue was that when my husband came to US he was 19 he entered illegal at that time I met him in 2006 and we went together to Mexico and then he reentered in 2006 a month after I came back so when we filled out the paperwork we had only put he entered in 2000 and did not put anything about 2006 .So when they asked him at the interview he told them the truth . I just think the law should allow us to just pay a fine for what was done and get past it. But now I have to start my life all over . I am little scared to live there Mexico city is huge .
  10. his letter has both 212 a 9 b ii and 212 a 9 c I does that make a difference ? Or its 10 years no matter what?
  11. Starkilla09 do you know for a fact an attorney cannot help as I have the same situation and they said my husband inadmissibility would expire may 2028 but yet it states we could fill out waiver I-601 although we already filled out I-601a before he even left for his appointment . ? Please advise if it is worth paying 100 dollars to a lawyer that will tell me there is nothing I can do at this point ?
  12. my husband just got back his passport with a denial stating he is inadmissible under 9B2 212a 9 b II because he was present in us for more than 365 day and that the inadmissible expires may of 2028 it states we can fill out a I 601 but we had filed and were approved for a I 601a before he left it also states 9C1 212 a 9 c 1 that we could fill out I 212 . Do I need to fill out both or what guarantee is that going to give me if we are approved that he can come back . I already proved my hardship with the I 601a and that did not work so why should I fill out the other form sending the exact same info ? PLEASE HELP I AM DESPERATE !!!! we have been together 13 years and married 9 they are breaking up my marriage for nothing they don't care..
  13. HELP my husband just received his passport back with the denial stating 9B2 212 a 9 b 11 he was illegal more than 365 days and is inadmissible expires after may of 2028 under that it says he fill out the 1-601 but we already had been approved for the 601a ? also says he could fill out form I 212 but he was not kicked out of us . cant believe we have been married for 9 years and they are breaking our family apart this is not fair I need to know what to do?
  14. it took my husband 6 months for his appointment
  15. Chulita34

    Help Visa showed refused

    UPDATE!!!!!! Status now shows passport at the DHL office waiting for him to pick it up . So Weird that his status went from issued to refused to transfer in progress and now ready for pickup. So I told him to go get it tonight crossing my fingers his visa is in it . So weird that he was supposed to have been given his A number and DOS number at his interview but was only given the green paper stating he was approved and told to wait 5-10 days . Today marks the 10th BD . Will update again soon he wants me to fly down and pick him up just hope we have no issues coming back home.