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  1. She's had a job through the University for 14 months now. The wages have totaled under 8k , so don't believe it will be significant.
  2. Sorry if you misunderstood my question. For the last four months I've been working a job that has an annual salary that exceeds the Federal Poverty Guidelines. In the past four months I haven't earned the 125% of Federal Poverty Guidelines, but annually I will. As I was reading the forms it stuck out to me that annual income was what matters most?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to sponsor my wife in the i-130/i-485 packet and was making sure I was eligible to sponsor and that I'm doing it correctly. I've never filed tax returns, since I was a full time student. But, have since held a full time permanent position (almost four months). Therefore, my supporting documentation is as follows: -Pay stubs from my employer -Job offer letter -Bank account statements showing my balance and direct deposits from my job -Letter from my employer stating that I will be working there for the foreseeable future (in the process of getting this) -Letter stating that I have never filed tax reports due to being a full time student and not earning enough income to meet the filing threshold My main question about all of this.. Do i qualify to sponsor even though I have never submitted a tax return? My annual income is set to be well above 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. And, if I am able to sponsor, will i need a letter of Non-Filing from the IRS? (my parents included me as a dependent in years prior, but will not this year because I will have a steady income)
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