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  1. Just went for my husband's N-400 Interview at the Washington, DC office and figured I would share with all of you, since we also have a pending I-751. I went with him and they didn't ask any questions or even acknowledge me in the waiting room - they called him in, and then he came back a couple seconds later and told me to come along too. Did all the N-400 things first - civics tests, reading, writing, going over the document (I was in the room) and then did a quick overview of our marriage, and we were on our way! The IO told us that we would get a letter in about 2 weeks with the details for the oath ceremony, and that it isn't same day because of the I-751 - he has to adjudicate that one first, and then move on to the N-400. So I'm going to keep an eye on the USCIS website and see when that changes over, and we'll keep an eye out for a letter in the mail - glad it's almost over!!
  2. Updated! Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing what all the other Dec 2021 filers are up to!
  3. My husband just filed today online! Is anyone on here doing I-751 (already in progress since early 2021) and N-400 at the same time?
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