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  1. Mulugulu

    Form I-131 emergency

    I read your post, thank you! My main concern in calling them is to get the same experience as you did by not being able to submit any evidence and therefore receiving a denial, since they "just" take notes of your reasons to get the i131 expedited and don't have any physical evidence to support the case.
  2. Mulugulu

    Form I-131 emergency

    Thank you for your advise and suggestion. And everyone else's help here. I am currently gathering supporting evidence to make my case. If anyone has experience in expediting an i-131 I'd be happy to hear from as it is confusing to me whether I should call uscis, get an infopass or just walk into the next field office to lay out my case.
  3. Mulugulu

    Form I-131 emergency

    Thank you guys for the input and the empathy I am receiving. I will keep you guys posted on how this journey ends. I will keep my hopes up, because everything in my life always ended well. I am prepared to reschedule the wedding celebration, even if it means to take a high loss but I am working towards receiving an advance parole on my preferred time.
  4. Mulugulu

    Form I-131 emergency

    Damn, that is terrible news. The first lawyer I contacted today told me that I will have my ap by June. But with uscis nothing is a guarantee. I reached out to a few more lawyers to see which opportunities I have.
  5. Mulugulu

    Form I-131 emergency

    I can't imagine what issue USCIS could possibly have with that.
  6. Mulugulu

    Form I-131 emergency

    Guys, thank you for your input. Also, Six29 is not my account. I will seek advise through an immigration lawyer
  7. Mulugulu

    Form I-131 emergency

    USCIS will expedite an application, including an application for a travel document, Form I-131, in certain situations, which may include: Severe financial loss to company or person; Emergency situations; Humanitarian reasons; Nonprofit organization whose request is in furtherance of the cultural and social interests of the United States; Department of Defense or National Interest Situation (Note: The request must come from an official U.S. Government entity and state that delay will be detrimental to the Government.); USCIS error; or Compelling interest of USCIS. This is the criteria to get the AP expedited. Also, when we were planning the wedding, the processing times were less than 3 months. Research done, circumstances changed.
  8. Hi everybody, I have a problem and will try to explain my whole case in a few sentences, hoping someone will be able to help me: We applied for the 129f in March of 2018, I was admitted to the US on December 20th as a K1 Visa holder. My then fiancé and I got married on the 21st of February and applied for AOS (485) along with AP (131) and EAD (765) on March 1st. Two days ago I received an email stating, that the case was received on March 8th. We planned our wedding which will take place in Germany on July 6th of 2019 in the beginning of last year, booked our venue, florists, dj, cake, photo-/videographer and sent out our invites in the beginning of this year. Since it is a destination wedding we are expecting guests not just from America and Germany, but from all around the world. A lot of guests already booked their flights and also booked their hotels. Last night I checked, how long the processing times for the i131 are and I got stunned. The uscis website says it will take between 5-7 months. I have to be in Germany in 3 1/2 months. The wedding party costs approximately 30k and that just includes the costs me and my wife have. Would I be eligible for an expedited AP? Is this reason for an emergency, since I would take a severe financial damage of I can't make it to my own wedding? Should I just sit and wait and hope that my documents get to me on time? Thank you in advance everyone!
  9. I had my visa interview in the consulate in Frankfurt on monday and will receive my passport with the issued visa in it tomorrow. It took them a total of five days to interview me, print a visa into my passport and get the passport to me. I will most likely enter the US in the next two weeks, where I will marry my fiance and then adjust status. Good luck everyone!
  10. I wish you all the best and great luck!
  11. Hi, thank you! Old Website says 22nd of March, new Website says 27th of March. Neither of the Websites has updated our status yet though. We received the NOA2 via Mail.
  12. Hi Guys, It's the first time I am writing here but I am following the thread since a very long time and wanted to let you all know that my fiance and me received our NOA 2 yesterday. We filed on March 27th and got our approval on September 22nd / September 18th. I wish you all the best in the ongoing processes. It definitely helped me to know that we are not the only ones, dealing with the waiting times