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  1. thank you everyone for your response. We will file the week before Sept 7. I am sure all will work out just fine. Matthew
  2. No credit cards. At the moment I am about $400 shy of what we need.
  3. Yes, I am currently working two jobs. Full time and part time. Most likely will be able to file AOS end of September/Early October. thank you everyone for the responses. Truly appreciate it.
  4. Hello... Need some advice. My wife and I were married July 27. She came via k1. Due to a bit of financial struggles due to wedding etc., we thought to submit her work permit first, then, when we have the fee for AOS submit that. Was originally wanting to submit both at the same time, and save having to pay additional fees. Her 90 day visa will expire September 7. Not sure if that will have any bearing on the process considering we are married now. A supplement question is...concerning having health coverage, does the initial AOS filing require that or does that information come later..? Thank you!
  5. Thank you everyone, you have definitely relieved and encouraged me. Less than two weeks to go... So excited!!
  6. Hello... She has a straight flight to the US. She will have some cash, but i was unsure of how much more she would need. Was thinking $100 or so as well. Just don't want her to get stuck at customs because of having not a lot of money. That is my main concern.
  7. She did the class last week, got her sticker, no problem. She will fly here June 7. She told me that she needed 'pocket money' to come to the US. Said it was required from someone at the seminar. After being there for her interview, purchasing airfare, missing two weeks at both jobs I am pretty strapped right now. Anyone know how much pocket money she needs..? I'm really at a loss here...
  8. Thank you everyone for your response. Update: she was able to get an appointment for May 22. The July slot was for Clark, but she changed to the Manila office as there are more available slots. She told me, and not sure where she got this from, that she was required to show airfare. That confused me because no where in the requirements does it say that. I even asked rapidvisa and they never heard that either. Planning to get the airfare, just don't understand why they would request it at that class... Any thoughts on that?
  9. This is what confuses us. This is why we believed we needed to wait until after the embassy interview...
  10. She is closer, yes. I actually found an old thread with info on how she can reschedule. She will try it. It's really my fault, she had the email sent to me, I thought she wanted me to confirm...so frustrated. Sorry for venting so much
  11. Did not know she could do it before being approved by the US embassy. Plus, she is five hours away by bus, it isn't easy for her getting to Manila. Besides, Us embassy already approved all our documents, just seems a waste of time for them to review them as well.
  12. Just wanted to add that at first I believed this class was a good thing for transitioning, but now I see it as a huge waste of time. It actually causes those of us who have been waiting for months unneeded stress. They actually require documents that the US has already approved. So what if 'they' decide to deny her? What happens then? Just another form of corrupt government to abuse people. Just my thought. I really never want to vacation there again. Find another country to spend money at... Still very angry, can you tell? Have to wait two more months!!
  13. Hello, not sure where to place this thread. I am furious right now with the Philippines visa class. Her interview was May 9, I was there, approved... She received her visa packet today (their Wednesday). I just flew home to the US Tuesday. Now the class that she is required to take has no available slots until July!!! Needless to say I am absolutely furious. There is nothing we can do to change this either!!! We have waited and waited, and now this #######!! Anyone having similar issues? No question here really, just needing to vent my continued frustration with this process.
  14. Mostly because they want our money. 😂 Thank you for your response. I am sure it will be OK.
  15. Thank you for the encouragement.
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