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  1. Oh really? I even spoke to him about immigrating to the UK but we all know that is MUCH harder and stricter than immigrating to the US. The UK is a much better place imo. But I’m willing to live in the US just to be with him.
  2. But i’m not getting married for a green card only . I’m not from a poor country, I’m from the UK and have just as much opportunities (just won’t be with my loved one). My intentions are just to be with him.
  3. That sounds awesome. But yeah, marriage fraud is if I have intentions of adjusting status whilst I’m on my tourist visa, which I am not stupid enough to do. This is why I said I’d go back and apply for CR1 so it won’t be marriage fraud. Thanks for the insight!
  4. It fell apart because he was abusive (had a lot of arguments and what not). And I had no one to turn to, so I turned the other guy for emotional support.
  5. i do feel like i’m in one lol.
  6. Yeah well, this is exactly why I didn’t want to go through with the K1. Yes I was in love with my fiancé during the whole 9 months of waiting for my visa and during my interview, but relationships fall apart and this is not an uncommon thing. But the truth will set you free as they say . I’m not one to do anything illegal.
  7. I’ve already had an ESTA before I applied for my K1, all I’d need to do is apply again. How else am I going to go back and visit the US? I don’t see a problem with just going for a visit after an abandoned K1. It’s not illegal.
  8. It’s called love, sweetie.
  9. I got approved for my K1, just waiting for it to end which will be in September.
  10. Exactly, thats why I didn’t want to go through with the K1.
  11. Well... technically I didn’t just find a guy after my breakup. I’ve been communicating with this new guy whilst I was with my fiancé and back in England while I was waiting 9 months for my K1. I had no idea I was going to fall for him, this is kind of why me and my ex fiance broke up and didn’t go through with the K1. And divorcing him would just be fraud. This is why I want to start over.
  12. Not yet. I’m waiting until October to visit him for a week and then staying for a month in December. We both want this really bad, we even started filing out the CR1 in advance just incase. (I’m 19, and he’s 20 in the military if that helps).