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  1. I get International Medical Group Visitor's coverage when I visited my then boyfriend, now husband on a tourist visa.
  2. Status on USCIS site is now - Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview as of November 20. Yay! Wonder how long it'll take to actually be interviewed. My husband needs to give enough notice at work to take time off.
  3. Sorry to disappoint 😂 but you will enjoy it here! There is a little something for every quirk you might have!
  4. Snow boots and puffer jacket 😂 Forecasted *another* snow storm on Thanksgiving week!
  5. Had my biometrics on October 28, status update to Fingerprint Review Complete on October 30. No update since. It's been 3 weeks.
  6. Lesson learned at my biometrics - sign with your married name. Out of habit I signed using my maiden name signature, same as my passport! I was told I cannot change it anymore after it gad been submitted and have to ask the adjudicator at interview to change it.
  7. Hi everybody! I know this question has been asked several times and I have seen several/different opinions, references about it. However, I would like to know what the people in those situations actually did as it seems the previous posts didn’t have a conclusion. I hope you can share your actual experience. Did you get a green card eventually? Were there issues that came up in relation to working remotely? Appreciate your inputs.
  8. I was there from noon to 2PM. I did check their online tracking and it said my documents were delivered and received by Manuel Manalaysay. I check post history and him and it seems he does work at USEM or at least he is the one handling the shipments to and from USEM. My gosh THE STRESS!
  9. NBI is like your police clearance I guess.
  10. Yes I was give a transmittal slip. I still don't trust them!!!
  11. Yes it was already in someone else’s bag! Good thing the other customer hasn’t left yet
  12. AKA stands for Also Known As. If you have used another name before like if previously married and used your ex husband’s last name as in my case.
  13. I had my interview on May 8th and unfortunately I got the dreaded 221g due to a missing AKA on my NBI Clearance. It’s a freaking miss on my part and I am absolutely bummed! So I went to NBI right away and got another NBI Clearance with AKA yesterday, May 10 and went straight to 2Go. There was already another lady who had the 221g packet too waiting to be assisted. He told me to sit and wait with her because he is “assisting all the other customers first.” It’s not a wait in line thing... it was more like wait until there are no other “paying” customers who will walk in. So finally after 30 minutes we were assisted. I had not sealed my envelope at this point because I wanted to make sure everything I put in there is correct. He took my envelope, put it in a plastic shipping thing and gave me a form to fill out. He said I don’t need to seal my envelope because the plastic thing is sealed anyway. Once done, I asked for my envelope back because I really want to seal it myself. I even bought a glue for it. He couldn’t find my envelope. We both know for sure it was with him because I asked him the first time that I would like to seal it, he said no need. In his little corner there, he just couldn’t find my envelope and it was only about 1-2 minutes, which was the time I filled out the form. So we kept looking and it turns out, HE GAVE MY FOLDER TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER who had bought a bunch of those plastic packing things and it was already in his package box! He was so distracted and absolutely unprofessional to not have handled these very important documents properly. I am so upset and now am crazy worried if my 2 passports, my NBI and the whole packet will even arrive at the US Embassy. I prefer to deliver it myself but they wouldn’t let me. He told me the packet will reach the US Embassy on Tuesday - Monday being a holiday. I am so worried sick. My life depends on that envelope and he just casually gave it away!
  14. Do I need a copy of Form I-134 and attachments during the interview?
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