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  1. Just a FYI it took them a month to process At NVC the entire time they were telling us it wasn’t received and in their system and just at the month mark when I called they told us that it was forwarded to the US Embassy in Ghana. So, I contacted tier two as well and they told me the same thing. I hope that helps.
  2. Thank you I totally understand. I have definitely been in that space!
  3. I will be praying all will go well for everyone. One thing I know it doesn’t hurt to call or go to immigration to ask questions if your nearing the date. As having family from other countries, we’ve noticed that if you don’t check on them the Uscis will take their time, and might accidentally miss you. Just a FYI
  4. Oh thank you I totally understand, I definitely know the feeling! Thank You!
  5. Yes thank you! I will, but I was thinking to wait for the mail in my hand first.
  6. My case was approved today! Was the old site that sent me the info via text and email!
  7. Maybe I hit the wrong link to respond too. Someone posted something and I thought responded to, so I apologize.
  8. Maybe my verbiage is off you will see the approval on either site. Just the date on the new site is wrong, from the understanding I heard the lady say. So if your date on the new site says April 2 but should say March 30, your dates will follow the March 30th date. So as far as I knew they were still updating both sites. to reflect the appropriate date based on your noa1 you received in the mail. However she also stated that these things are processed in order based on dates but I know that’s not true based on the fact that some 3/28 have been processed and still some 3/24 are waiting. So I guess it really depends on the caseworker and how fast or slow they are moving their caseloads. I asked again via message and I will post the answer once I have it. When I have called to ask questions these people treat you like they aren’t allowed to give you feed back on your case.
  9. So this morning I called Uscis, and I asked about the date differences. I was told that there is a glitch in the new site but you will be processed in an organized fashion according to the received date on old site, which should match your receipt. So we should ignore the new sites and it should update according to the proper date regardless of the site error and reflect on the site.
  10. Ok thank you! I appreciate the feed back!
  11. Oh ok lol, I noticed that mine changed too, but I didn’t understand the logic. Someone that I spoke with the other day about their NOA2 said that they followed the old site date on the forms. So, I was just curious if anyone might know what that was about.
  12. Do you know why their times are different?