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  1. Oh yes , that form is a must , it’s basically a supplemental information form, where you have to list all the basic information about yourself , like work places , addresses etc. Shouldn’t be much of a problem , just fill it up and send them back ASAP . After they receive it , it also shouldn’t take too much time for them to review and approve it .
  2. It took a while for them to issue an RFE!usually RFEs happen earlier in a process . I assume this is request for additional evidence ?
  3. Hello there, Marriage within 90 days after your wife entrance isn’t gonna cause you problems by itself , but be ready to answer questions when having interview - they’ll ask why not your home country where you could invite friends and relatives . What can cause issues Is filling AOS right away after entrance , since F1 visa supposed to be not having immigration intends. As of filling I-485 : it can only be done in the US , since the process called adjustment of status , she will be adjusting her status from student one to Permanent resident . Note , that as wife of green card holder she can’t do that right away , need to wait until her priority date (of I-130) becomes current , regardless if I-130 was approved or not (second chart of visa bulletin, F2A category , as of now it’s 01DEC17) . If it’s current for you now, you can apply for AOS , don’t let her leave the country without advance parole (It takes about 3-4 month to receive after you apply . Also, in order to use AOS process for spouse of GC holder, your wife must be always maintaining legal status at least until she files I-485. If she is not , then she will have to go through consular proceedings abroad in US consulate , and will be applying for immigration visa from there . In order to do so, I-130 must be approved and visa number is available ( first chart of visa bulletin for F2A). Hope all that make sense to you . good luck
  4. Hello, there is no impact on her I-130 petition by applying for tourist visa, she just simply won’t get it because visitor visa is non-immigrant one, while you are on immigration track . There is no way for her to convince visa officer that she has no immigration intense , simply because if she’d be in the US right now , her priority date is current for AOS (even without I-130 approved). But you can try , no harm , just don’t try to hide that fact she has I-130 pending (don’t screw up 2 years of waiting ). I know a few people who kept visiting US on tourist visa with I-130 pending , but they had their visa even before marriage . Long story short : very slight chance of getting a visa , no harm on I-130 , all you loose is visa application fee and time .
  5. Hello, Well, technically your wife can apply for AOS when she enteres US in April (or whenever she is planning to) , and yes you don’t have to wait until your I-130 is approved , because your priority date is October 2017, and it’s falling under current date of the second chart in visa bulletin for F2A category . BUT make sure you plan the process very carefully , there is a policy these days , that changing your non-immigrant intense right after entering the country with tourist visa can cause you problems like visa fraud. ( that’s why you shouldn’t apply for AOS in the first 60 days after your entrance). A lot of people do adjustment of status from tourist visa , but I’d advice you to have at least a consultation with a good lawyer in that matter , a few lawyers , so you’d have multiple opinions and it takes effort to find a good lawyer (believe me there are many idiots). After you clarify that , and your wife is ready to apply for AOS , the process is pretty easy but at the same time make sure you read all the instructions and submit the full package . You have to submit I-485 form itself , along with I-765 (work permit ) , I-131 (travel document , wife can’t leave a country without first having it !!!tourist visa won’t work anymore ), I-861 (affidavit of support with attached W2 forms , tax returns/pay stubs ), I-693 form (medical exam form , ecam will be done in the US, there is a list of doctors who can do that on the USCIS website). Make sure you also pay all the applications fees , you’ll have to add a check to your application . Also, you need to have all the documents that aren’t in English translated to it (like birth certificates , marriage certificates ). All those forms are available via USCIS website , you can downloads them , and after they are filled up and additional documents are ready , you just sent everything to the USCIS and hoping that it will be accepted and going smoothly . The wait time after the package is accepted is based on your location ( you can check wait times for I-495 process in your town, it’s usually around 8 to 12 months , but can can be longer ) Thats a brief description of the process . good luck
  6. Yeah, i think next time that chart changes it should be significant , so hopefully you jump into that chart . And yes , after you apply you can stay legally , just make sure you really submit a complete application , these days the new rule applies to those who lost their underlaying status (your OPT for example ) while waiting for AOS and were rejected due to lack of initial evidence, in that case they aren’t gonna send you RRE but deny and automatically put you on unlawful presence. Just prepare everything you need in advance and attach all the possible documents right away .
  7. First of all, I assume you are Permanent Resident , not a citizen yet, correct ? With I-130 priority date October 2017 you can already apply for AOS , because your priority date is current on a second chart of visa bulletin ( it’s 01DEC2017 for F2A I think now). But she must be in valid immigration status in order to do so, technically coming on a tourist visa and applying for AOS is possible , but talk to lawyer , there are some nuances (like you can’t apply immediately after entering the US, need to wait a couple months ,and in case of denial , you’ll be automatically considered to be unlawfully present). As affidavit of support - you need to include it into your application right away along with all additional documents, it’s easy - there is a form you fill up and you just attach either W2 forms with it or pay stubs . Also make sure you include medical exams right away with the AOS application as well. Hope this was helpful .
  8. You don’t have to wait until your I-130 gets approved in order to file I-485, you can file it as long as your priority date is current in a second chart of visa bulletin ( for F2A it’s 01Dec2017 if I’m not mistaken ) . I can’t really predict , but of what I saw that chart changes more rare, but much more significantly, like jumps 6 months ahead . The only thing is that for spouse of LPR you have to be in valid non-immigrant status on the moment of filing AOS ( which I believe your have as F1 opt). Good luck
  9. Did you get your I-130 approval ? Which category ? F2A ? And what interview you talking about - outside of US , at consulate or inside US to adjust your status ?
  10. Hello! Happy to hear your story . Did you apply for AOS as USC spouse ? I’m having hard time to decide if I should use my AP to travel - didn’t see my mom for 4 years- but I’ve previously overstayed F1 visa and married to a LPR.
  11. Hello, how did it go? Were you able to return ?
  12. I’m afraid that due to upcoming holidays they gonna slow down , I remember last December around Christmas they rolled back and cases got stuck for a couple months .
  13. No, not everyone at all. They usually send RFE for additional evidence , such as photos , joint bank statements/insurance, whatever can prove your relationship depending on how you are related to a petitioner. Sometimes basic documents are missing like birth/marriage certificates or something like that . I would say for I-130 is less likely to receive an RRE unless you really missed to send some documents (that’s based on my observation, let’s see what gonna happen to my own petition). Keep posted , since we should hear back around the same time🙂
  14. I’m from Ukraine , my petitioner isn’t a citizen. My case is also at CSC, the most annoying service center in the US.
  15. There are some March 2017 approvals , but also some cases are still waiting from December 2016. The processing wait times for CSC are 18-24 months , so I guess you only can pray for not to be in those 24 months . My PD is also July 2017, I’m hoping to hear something not earlier than February 2019, given that average wait time is 20 months . Good luck!