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  1. I renewed with fee by myself, because i thought the first time they approved us to work and we should to pay for renew. It is totally is fair for us and goverment.
  2. I already received courtesy letter for making a new medical record. I will do it immediately after i get interview notice. My lawyer suggests me to follow this schedule. It takes only around a week for madical record. We will take it along to our interview, do not open envolope of the medical result.
  3. You can tick "resident alien". Non resident is for taxers not being in The US only.
  4. I will go to Dr to make medical after i receive the interview notice. My attoney suggested me to follow it. Thanks for your information and hope we will be fine in the end for this jouney dear.
  5. USCIS requested to make a new mediacal and no need to submit to them right now. They notified that i wiould submit in person when i come in to get interview.
  6. I haven"t received interview notice yet. I got the courtesy letter in the middle of October, 2018. I have to wait. I will update my case, dear. Good luck to everyone here. Pls be patient.
  7. Yes. After my case was transfered from nbc to local office for review, they sent courtesy letter to me. I am waiting for interview schedule notice.
  8. Hope you get it soon, dear. Please keeping posted. Tks again.
  9. Thank you so much for quick reply. Pls one question more: Have you got courtesy letter for new medical record? If yes, when did you get it? Happy with your interview schedule.
  10. Cogratulation to you and hope you will get approve GC in spot. Have you got online update for I485 interview? Tks for your response.
  11. If you mentioned your children on I360, USCIS would note their names as derative on the approval notice. If you didn't, as Military said, you will file for them after you get green card.
  12. Congratulation for your coming back. Pls help me to verify some questions about derative children if you dont hate. I have approval I360, can i file I824 for my kid abroad right now or i have to wait until getting GC? I am confuse a lot about this step. Thank you so much for your answer. Pls keep you posted. It's very useful for me and many people in this forum.
  13. The same thinking with you, but she ask where she can check, i showed her.
  14. Don't mention on this processing at all. Maybe it will be around 1 year, i hope so. Be patient and pray for your case pls.
  15. You have to check processing for your I485 at Chicago location.