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  1. some office in Ca is closed.One interviewee got a call from uscis inform her interview was cancelled .She thought it may fraud.So she went there this morning,but she was stopped.
  2. did the IO give you a paper says : held for review?mine is the situation.but it sounds he approved my case.
  3. Hi everyone.We'll interview soon.A lot of documents we have submitted when we sent to thw AOS .why they still ask again.
  4. slied to consular or immigration officer.such as single person claim he or she has married ,but he or she didn.t.who claim has a great job with high income,but not.or forged documents.ectand they were found out by consular or IO
  5. yes.it says case returned to Maryland.i.ll call tomorrow .if still pending,i.ll go to ssa.thank youso.much
  6. my SSN case status is return TP the agency.is that mean I get SSN card soon?
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