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  1. Adutwum


    I went there 4 weeks before my interview and was asked to come a day before my interview for it . For the vaccination that you have done they can do something abt it and decrease the cost
  2. Adutwum

    Medical Report

    Try and be there not less than 2 weeks before your interview date , that's the most important thing . They will tell you when you can pick it , most of the time a day before your interview.
  3. Adutwum


    I did my Medicals at Akai clinic , paid 1800 during the first visit and was asked to come for my last vaccination on the day I was picking my report and paid another 330 cedis in addition for the last vaccination and with that I was told there was left with a last dose of chicken pox vaccination which it's expensive there so I should get it here in the States .
  4. Adutwum


    I put mine in the clear bags and labeled them at the back of each clear bag . Seperated originals from photocopies . Had abt 10 clear bags and put sets of documents in each e.g. Civil documents, educational certs, financial documents, employment documents and etc All originals and photocopies separated. But they made me removed the documents they wanted from the bags and handed over to them but because I had labeled them it was easy to identify and give it to them when they asked .
  5. My sister please relax and pray , the COs are totally unpredictable. Just try and know each other very well before the interview and if there are any red flags try to know how to deal with it , i mean the answers that you will give to the COs when you are asked to explain . VJ always helps to prepare you in advance for your interview but it doesn't mean other people's shortfalls will apply to your case " DIFFERENT PEOPLE DIFFERENT CASES DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES "
  6. Adutwum

    Making a payment !

    Open an account at my.uscis.gov it's easier to pay when u create that account if u don't already have . And u can even track your green card there .
  7. If u registered with the us travel docs , you ll definitely be alerted through an email or phone call or text message when it's ready . Had my interview on the 8th and had an email on the 21st that my passport is ready for pickup. Unless DHL goes for your passport anytime u track it u won't get any positive feedback .
  8. Adutwum

    Visa pickup

    Are u now going for interview?
  9. Adutwum

    Visa pickup

    If u go to ur dashboard on your left side click update profile and start keying in ur necessary data.
  10. Don't worry it shall be well, I understand you especially at this time when the weather is getting colder and colder in New York . It's all about patience. I was in an F2A category and waited for about 26 months before getting an interview and successfully got my visa and now with my wife and daughter in New York . Sometimes you can't do anything about it but just have to wait .
  11. Adutwum

    Visa pickup

    Naa u can't recreate an account. But did that one go through ?
  12. When your case is complete NVC sends you an email that they have received all the required documents and that you are in a queue.It can take several months before your interview can be scheduled after your case is complete. Mine took 7 months
  13. Adutwum

    How to contact dhl directly

    You are welcome
  14. Adutwum

    How to contact dhl directly

    I will advise u to wait till you get an email or phone call before you go there . I had my interview on the 8th of November and had an email on the 21st to come for my visa which I did the next day and prior to that when ever I tracked my passport it says no status for the selected passport number . And on the day of collection of my passport at the DHL office many of those that I went for interview with on the same day were there but they were told their passports weren't ready and all those people hadn't been alerted to come for their passports.So my candid advise is if u had interview on the 9th of November wait till for at most 3 weeks which is Friday ,and if by then it hasn't come then u go there .
  15. Adutwum


    Its all always good to share your experiences after your interview whether good or bad .There are people who have genuine relationships but are denied and others with sham marriages but are approved . It's all but quality evidence and God on your side. VJ always have positive influence on how to prepare but truly there others here that scare even when they have not had any interview experience.