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  1. pd: 18.may 2018 how long to get the interview after i-130 approval ?
  2. if the day is coming that you dream about , the ordeal that you are suffering is sacred.
  3. My question is about VB. what is different between " DATES FOR FILING FAMILY-SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS " and " FINAL ACTION DATES FOR FAMILY-SPONSORED PREFERENCE CASES" my pd is may 2018, f2a , which one shuld i consider ?
  4. we are just about to be cancer pd : 18 may 2018 and im already sick of all this.. meaningless waiting.. just they are just ruining our time.. we are ( who is waiting to build a new life ) we dont even know how thing is going to be over there... and they are just making us wait.. i can not accept inside of me that there is a rule not to see our suppose for no reason.
  5. Hello everyone, i need to understand what is going on about this i-130 applicants. my wife lives in NJ and she applied for f2a. im not in USA. so califonia services center received our case on may18,2018. , now my questions; 1- i think there is 2 steps. one of them is for first application. how long it takes after they recived? 2- when i check the processing times it says 17-22 months for california services center. that means it take that much to get my visa or i have to wait for first steps. i really dont understan that people waiting almost 2 years for to get thier visa or first step of whole process.. please someone can explain to me all single detail about timeline . thank you