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  1. Today we received a couple of confusing emails from the NVC! First we got one saying that our interview date was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and would be rescheduled. Only thing is, we never had an interview date scheduled. Our CC is Jan 17 and we have been waiting for a news of a date. Then a few hours later, we got an email saying our request to expedite was approved and our case was being sent to Rio. Again, we never put a request in to expedite! Has anyone ever heard of these types of emails coming without a date previously scheduled or a request to expedite? Right now the CEAC portal says our case is at Rio. I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll have an interview date soon, but I know by now with this process not to get my hopes up!
  2. We finally got case complete today after a lot of heartbreaking delays at the NVC due to documents being rejected. Nov 18 - Submitted all paperwork for the first time on CEAC. Nov 30 - All documents accepted except for the police certificate. I realized we only uploaded the state certificate and missed the federal one, so re-uploaded on the same day without calling NVC for clarification. Both types are required for Brazil. Dec 13 - Police certificates rejected again! This time I called and was told that the state report was issued from the wrong authority. We also realized that my husband would require a certificate from São Paulo state since he lived there recently, but he was unable to get it online since he does not have a SP state ID and no longer lives there. We were told by the NVC to write a letter explaining this and upload to CEAC. Uploaded new state police certificate and letter on Dec 17. Jan 4 – Police certificate file accepted, but letter about São Paulo rejected! Called again, and was told that we only needed to change the document type on the drop down menu on CEAC from “Other” to “Police Certificate.” Jan 17 – Finally get the documentarily qualified email. TLDR: Even though we are all in a hurry to get things done quickly at this point after the long USCIS wait, read through the document requirements very carefully! I highly recommend calling if you have an issue rather than just guessing how to correct it based on the very limited info NVC supplies when they reject documents. We wasted a lot of time for careless and frustrating mistakes.
  3. I called the NVC this morning and they received my case on Oct 16! It was sent by USCIS on Oct. 5. Now just waiting on the case number.
  4. I finally got my NOA2 this morning in an email. I logged into the new site, and apparently I was approved yesterday! It was 245 days from my PD and my Visa Journey Timeline had estimated between Aug 22-Sept 10. The old site is still saying "case received" and I did not yet get a letter in the mail or text. PD: Jan 30 Service Center: Potomac So happy to be on to the next step!
  5. I am in the same boat as you, but not quite as long. PD of Jan 30 at Potomac. It's very frustrating to hope for news every single day and to be let down. Our time will come, but it doesn't make this wait any less painful.
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