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  1. Hello all @Tenreyro @VG31 Need some assitaance I130 ( PD) May 2018 approved on Sept 10 Through F2A I have already filed AOS and EAD in June 2019 since i am in USA already and is pending in NBC . I got an email on my I130 post approval On September 19, 2019, we sent your case, Receipt Number XXXXXXX to the Department of State for visa processing. You can find general information on Consular Processing by visiting our website . Is this normal . Has it happened to anyone else . what can i do since i am already here in the USA
  2. Thanks . alerts received at 11:30 PM when i was about to say F***K this waiting lol .. check cashed next morning in online banking . Be patient i have seen guys who it took 35- 45 days to receive NOA1 as well ( 10 days fast 20-30 days -- + 30 days possible , +60 days USCIS lost it refile ) lol russian roulette i am afraid of the 00 and 0 hope its either read or black and you hit it 35 times soon by getting the card
  3. Lol are you allowed to do a walk in . doesn it mentione the date it has to be ?
  4. @Nadya You receive it soon this week or next week . Mine was June 17th so received last night . Yours is 22 so please be hopeful for next week . on a bright side you have already contacted lockboxsupport they will take 30 days to reply or less .i also had called uscis and tried to get tier 2 but left a waiting call list which they never called back
  5. Finally received the NOA alerts received by USCIS - June 17th 2019 Check cashed -July 11 2019 Alerts received 485 765 131 - all there though sms and email on July 11 2019 Thank You USCIS GOD my case wasnt lost somewhere in the mail .
  6. which webiste did you use ? I used the lockbox support email few days ago and still no response .
  7. Any updates yet ? Mine was delivered June 19th and its 20 days today still no check cashed ,no emails , no text . kinda make me worried . Better late than USCIS losing it ....... Mine was sent by usps to chicago lockbox . People who sent by Fedex to dearborn address already got their receipts
  8. @Sifou.kate thank you so much . Mine was received Jun 19th still nothing but under 30 days still . thanks for sharing that give me a good night sleep lol
  9. HI guys my AOS package was delivered June 19th - thtough USPS Still check not cashed , no alerts or messages should i be worried
  10. Hi guys I mailed my AOS package to the USCIS CHICAGO lokcbox through USPS Delivered on June 19th - Shows in USPS tracking ( almost 14 days now ) Still no check cashed , no alerts ..... should i be worried . Please let me know
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