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  1. Hey everyone. I received two BIOMETRIC appointments. One for VAWA and one for I765 and I485. Is this normal? Should I call and see if I have to go in again or just go in and ask. I applied for public benefits with PRIMA facie, but everything got denied. Help me.
  2. I never got a blue paper. Just the receipt from I360 and then Prima Facie and Biometrics appointment letter. No blue paper came with prima facie. I think I will submit a detailed psychological evaluation ............... Im so scared it will get denied due to lack of abuse evidence.
  3. Are there people here that submitted more abuse evidence even if USCIS did not request it?
  4. I have all of that already submitted. I just feel like my abuse evidence is not strong... I want to know if I should submit more evidence.....
  5. Hey everyone. I HAVE A CONCERN. PLEASE ADVICE ME. @sandranj I filed VAWA 12/07/2018. I got prima facie. I'm concerned because after reading many things about VAWA here and other places.... I feel like my evidence for abuse is not so strong. I sent Hospital report that says I have a concussion, but I did not tell the hospital it was done by my abuser. I explained in affidavit that I was scared that's why I didn't tell them. I sent two papers ( CARE SUMMARIES ) from my psychiatrist and counselor.. It is NOT a detailed psychological evaluation though. It just says I have been abused and that I have depression and anxiety. My question: Should I do the psychological evaluation and send it? Or just wait from USCIS. Will they RFE me? or are they not doing that anymore? I'm scared that It will get denied....
  6. If you applied under c9, your application is out or processing fees ( September 16, 2018 ) Make a case injury
  7. My first fee waiver was denied due to lack of evidence , then I re-submitted it again and it was approved. I submitted my bank account statements that I have a negative balance. Also the documents from Department of children and families that my daughter is receiving means tested benefits ( food stamps and Medicaid) Below is my cover letter for fee waiver, your more than welcome to use the template :: ( HOPE THIS HELPS!) _____________________________________________________________ Dear Sir or Madam: Enclosed, please find evidence in support of my Forms I-485, I-765 and I-912 request for fee waiver. I have a pending I-360 Self petition as a battered parent by my abusive USA citizen son. My recipient number is XXXXXXXXXX (I have attached the form I797C notice of action) I’m requested for you to connect all the forms together please. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Forms A. I-912, REQUEST FOR FEE WAIVER B. G1145, E-NOTIFICATION OF APPLICATION/PETITION ACCEPTANCE C. I-485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS D. I-864W: REQUEST FOR EXEMPTION FOR INTENDING IMMIGRANT'S AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT E. I-765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION Evidence that I qualify for FEE WAIVER (My first fee waiver was denied, I have included the Notice of action of the Denial) And I have submitted another Fee Waiver with the correct documents showing that I do qualify. 1. Documents from TexaS Department of Children and Families that my daughter receives Means-Tested benefits. She is receiving Food Stamps and has Medicaid for medical because I currently have no income. 2. Statement from my Bank where it states that I have no money in my account and I have a negative balance of -$2.63. 3. Attached is my Utility Bill and the other bills that I must pay each month. My husband gives me child support money but it’s not enough to pay for USCIS I-765 and I-485 fees. I have family that help me with some bills when I don’t have enough from the child support, but they no longer can help me.
  8. Thank you! I just emailed my congressman to help expedite, they sent me the privacy release form and I'm sending it back tomorrow. I hope this helps. Do you have many expedited EAD successful cases Sandra? @sandranj based on financial loss ? Thank you
  9. Hey everyone. I have a speech disorder and I wanted to ask a question Can the person who is the preparer on my forms call on my behave and speak with USCIS if I authorize him. I'm going to have him request EAD expedited and have to speak with TIER 2
  10. You will get the notice soon. My notice is Dec 17 and I got already biometrics for next week.
  11. Hey everyone. I filed dec 2018 I'm curious to know. Am I the only one that is filing VAWA as a battered parent? I have so many questions. Do I still have to have interview for i485 if I get approved ? Thanks for replying!
  12. @Gogetter18 @Gogetter18 I did check the box on i360 that when VAWA gets approved I request EAD. Thank you for replying ... i was confused.. I wonder why they request two biometrics and not just use the first one for all. How long have you been waiting for your EAD? I'm going to try to request expedited by going through my congressmen, heard that's an option.
  13. I havent gotten the recipient notice for the EAD though... that's what's confusing..I dont even know if my fee waiver was approved. The biometric letter says I360 as case type. I hope this means my fee waiver was approved and they need the biometrics for my EAD.
  14. The letter says Biometrics code 2. I'm so confused you guys. I hope they process my EAD fast. I'm going to request expedited due to financial loss
  15. Hey everyone! I sent in my VAWA application 12/14/2018 along with EAD c9 and fee waiver. Got my recipient for only Vawa 2 weeks later. Sadly my fee waiver was denied and I submitted a new one after the denial letter with the help of Sandra.. I haven't gotten the recipient of the EAD and if they approved the waiver. Today I got a letter that they need biometrics . Is this normal for VAWA application? Or does it mean that my fee waiver is approved since I got already biometrics appointment.?