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  1. @Hccaldwe Welcome to America, my friend! Only in this year alone following has happened that I have witnessed personally as an immigrant. 1. My employer has laid off minority as you mentioned 789 Indians in just 45 days because of changes to H1B visa. 2. The record number of cases are pending in immigration courts even more than during the time of 9/11 when the government first cracked down on legal immigration .3. I have been told by ex legal counsels and this is nothing to afraid anyone on this forum but the 18 months extension is intentional to prolong cases to limit citizenship eventually and restrict immigrants after 1990 who have not applied for citizenship yet to green card only. I am ready for any outcome as efforts are consistently being made to make sure that population is reduced in America by deporting legal immigrants or limiting citizenship as you leave for more than one year you lose green card anyways so it is a well sought out plan. Watch news it is depressing and is pointing in the direction of things to happen. 4. I am posting a link as now even the immigration judge's power to grant our stay has been taken away by DA. https://www.justice.gov/eoir/page/file/1095046/download Again, I don't want to be the bearer of all bad news, but I am just trying to inform my friends here that it is what it is. We can't do much, living in this country is by our choice and it is up to the law of the land to grant us that permission. Also, law of the land has changed so drastically in just last 4 months that it has kind of told me where it will end eventually. It is frustrating we pay taxes like a citizen, abide by laws just like a good citizen and some of us like me who have lost all of their inheritance, savings when they moved here to live with their spouses to divorce settlements and end up living in a car but can we do anything? No, because the family courts will treat you as a citizen and not an immigrant. Guess what because they want your dollar and don't care. So, all I can say some of us are still in better positions so just hang in there as it will take some time to know the answer for sure for all of us. Cherish the moments you have right now and keep your hopes high but also keep your eyes open.
  2. @Maggiamerica I have been saying this and warning community. USCIS is no longer a customer service oriented based on new memos. I would still ask you not to panic, my green card was expired for 4 weeks before I received my NOA1, the law protects us in a way by saying that we are still residents until immigration court order us deported.
  3. I am posting this just because I have seen lots of friends from August worried about losing the job because of the expired green card and no NOA1 yet. Now, since, I, unfortunately, is the one with the most complex situation than any of yours since I am the only divorce waiver case from August filing, please hear me out. I have paid tons of money to lawyers for both divorce trials and of course the ROC process. By the way, I paid a lot of money for second and third opinion consultations as well. Here is what the law says 1. You are Conditional Permanent Resident until immigration judge denies your status (please note you have working rights, there is no need to show your employer unless you want to change jobs that is when you need the NOA1 to show, otherwise you are good). My employer knew that my green card is expired but because of the influx of immigrants like us, they knew that I am still legal as it is the government process which is delaying the case. So please don't freak out, I was without valid GC for more than 4 weeks before I had NOA1. 2. Don't call USCIS as most of the officers will never tell you the right thing because based on 2 recent memos USCIS is no longer a customer service department but has been given more power and as per memo from June 28, 2018, they have been given discretionary powers to deny cases. What am I talking about? Just wait for full 60 days before even calling them to inquire about your case, get info pass after that and you should be fine. I know the waiting is the worst part and it kills everyone and I am in the worst position because my supposed to be better half for life turns out to be the backstabber and stealer. I have lost everything all the inheritance savings that I have from last 2 years in divorce and paying attorney fees. I am living in a car right now to pay my debts. Please relax you all are happily married nothing bad is going to happen to you guys and I have my prayers for all of you. You guys are lucky so cherish this time and don't stress too much about it. It is easy for me to say now because I have gone through the initial phase of getting the NOA1 which I had no expectation to get because of Class A scrutiny for cases like me with my religion and country of origin. I just want to motivate you guys to relax, for now, believe me, it will be good in the end.
  4. @arturogfb You don't have to let HR know about your status. I am in the same situation and only provide extensions if they ask. E-verify normally does not trigger unless you are on H1B as this what my employer has told me. I have the extension and haven't provided them and they haven't asked for it. My attorney told me to only provide it if asked as according to him he has instances where his clients with good job standings once notified their employers of the extension letter made things difficult for them as some small companies suspect that the employee has lied about any need for future sponsorship. If your company is big and they are H1B sponsors then it shouldn't be an issue and they won't even ask if they are not then having no immigration attorney on their payroll will make things little difficult for you to explain the situation. I hope it helps, just one thing to remember if they ask show it to them no need to present it when they have not asked for it.
  5. @AI848 Can you please update the date in the tracking as well? When is your biometric appointment?
  6. @Tommal thanks for the kind words, and you are right. It is just I have been through a lot and getting divorced was never even in my wildest dreams. It was a perfectly laid out crime story conspiracy that I fell victim to. I was so blind and because of my trust and love, I lost everything. Now I can't trust and it is a different situation overall. But yes all I have is my job right now and hoping to keep it if everything goes well from here hopefully. Thanks for the kind words again!
  7. Hi, friends from August 2016 filers, Are there any unlucky divorce waiver filers apart from me in this thread?
  8. @chrisete I am in the same boat but have informed my Manager as my work requires me to travel for the rest of the year. My Manager appreciated that and just a side note most companies actually pay so that you are complying with Government requirements. I would encourage to tell your Manager so that if it comes in between your travel dates they have an alternate plan in mind just like in my case. I know it is irritating but it is what it is. I hope things work out for all of us. Amen
  9. Just noticed that few filers from August with CSC destination hasn't updated the tracking sheet/timeline, please do so in order for others to get an idea of how long CSC is taking. Apparently, it is taking 3 weeks for them to cash the check and issue NOA1.
  10. IMPORTANT! Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: 1. DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Please use your VJ name to avoid confusion. 3. Click "Quote" on this new template or most recent/updated version of this template. 4. Copy the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select the entire template, then select Command + C) 5. Remove the "Quote Coding" located at the top of this template. 6. Paste the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select Command + V) 7. Now make whatever updates/changes you would like, then hit Submit Reply 8. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved. * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list. * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly. * If you cannot add your information yourself, please ask another VJ member to help you do so. I-751: August 2018 Filers California Service Center : ( 11 ) Applicants ( 0 ) Approved ( 0 ) Percentage VJ Name I-751 Date NOA1 Date Biometrics Approved Notes WOLKE7 8/1/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- JASONANDJEIZEL 8/1/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- ST52 8/1/18 8/22/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- i751 Divorce Waiver *NOA1 good for 18 months ALMALMS 8/3/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- WONG 8/5/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- YELSVA 8/6/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- CORRIEJAM 8/8/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- AXLE314 8/11/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- TRAMONTANA 8/14/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- AM & RA 8/18/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- KIRSTYANDLIAM 8/18/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- Vermont Service Center : ( 5 ) Applicants ( 0 ) Approved ( 0 ) Percentage VJ Name I-751 Date NOA1 Date Biometrics Approved Notes MRSKENT 8/2/18 8/09/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- * NOA1 good for 18 months DAN&LAURA 8/11/18 8/21/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- * NOA1 good for 18 months TAURUS83 8/13/18 8/16/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- * NOA1 good for 18 months OVEREDUCATED 8/14/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/-- CHRISETE 8/20/18 --/--/18 --/--/18 --/--/--
  11. Please see the link below as it will answer some of the questions for me and my fellow California Service Center filers for August 2018. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/form-i-751-data-entry-delay-california-service-center Now, it does say that they will update if the backlog is finished but I have checked no other news is posted on USCIS website regarding any update so I am assuming that they are still behind. Also, it says that if your green card is expired (which mine is now), you can schedule an info pass appointment which we know we can't as there are none available. Any thoughts?????
  12. @magicalunicornpee congrats as it is indeed a good sign. Vermont seems fine with the check cashing process, however, California looks backlogged badly as it has been 24 days since my packet was delivered and nothing. You can see from the Califonia Service Center filers none of us got any reply.
  13. @tramontanathank you for the information! Adding evidence of bona fide marriage as well. 1. There are 3 joint current and savings accounts (which of course the day she left took her name but not a problem because of bank statements) 2. Credit card joint accounts (3) 3. Three joint apartment leases 4. Joint lease for a car 5. Joint rental and car insurances 6. Joint telephone bills (since I moved to the USA as the family number on the bills-full time period). I have also printed the confirmation from Sprint for change of ownership email correspondence as well. 7. Joint electric bills 8. She is my dependent on my employer health insurance plans and I was on hers (health insurance cards can be provided – full-time period) 9. The beneficiary of my life insurance from the employer as well 10. 45 Photos from our trips (having family in it as well as full 1.8 years). File prior to moving to the USA is also available which was initially provided at the time of interview 11. Joint federal tax returns married filing jointly for the year 2016 and 2017 12. Google reviews for the apartment lease renewal (screenshot) 13. 3 sworn affidavits from my family and friends 14. Her ID and my ID showing the same address 15. Regular mail coming for her in the mailbox like her credit card statement, credit card offers to show the same address etc. 16. The last trip before this whole thing happened I have plane tickets along with pictures showing both of us along with her family as well as one more trip with air fare purchase and hotel bills 17. AAA membership cards for 2 years 18. Change of address for both of us at USPS from one state to another 19. Her dental bills send to me for payment as she is my dependent EOB 20. Car Privacy statements sent to both of us 21. 2 Car service documents with both names 22. Health Reimbursement Account holder with me 23. Car registration renewal both names on it 24. 2 UNUM Annual Health Reimbursement (copies of the check received with both names) 25. Annual preventive care visit to our doctor along with test results showing our names, date of visit, address and time of visit 26. Psychiatrist evaluation of my circumstances – extreme mental cruelty and PTSD 27. Joint State Income Tax Transcripts 2016 & 2017 28. Policies from UNUM for 3 different categories where she is covered and also the beneficiary 29. 2016 Tax Refund document from the previous State showing both names and address 30. Nexus application for both of us showing same address and date of action 31. Her employment letter showing proof of insurance for both of us 32. Office emergency contact person with her number and name 33. Another credit card where statement doesn't show authorized user but have gathered evidence that she is indeed an authorized user 34. Judgment of Divorce (most important piece)