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  1. Thank you! And thank goodness!
  2. So I have been reading that using the passport as proof of citizenship requires ALL of the pages of the passport. This may be a silly question, but does that include all of the blank pages as well or just all pages that have been used?
  3. Thank you, payxibka! I forgot to add that we did sign our letters of intent. We are also including our correspondence through a dating site and email verification that the site is not an international marriage broker. Thankfully, previous marriages and criminal records are not an issue for us.
  4. My fiancé and I are organizing and finalizing the additional documents to include with our fiancé visa application, hoping to streamline the process and avoid any unnecessary RFE requests if we can help it. So far we are including the following documents in our visa application packet: cover letter, request for email notification, completed application form, copy of petitioner's passport, letters of intent to marry from both petitioner and beneficiary, church-issued certificate of engagement, petitioner's stamped visa to beneficiary's country, airline tickets, boarding passes, baggage claim ticket, photos with descriptions from in-person meeting, and passport photos of both petitioner and beneficiary. Is there anything we are still missing? Did anyone here receive an RFE request for something not yet included in this list?