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  1. anna6689

    Is this a barrier to get a visa?

    A friend of mine has been treated in the past for depression and bpd. She is now stable and didnt really agree with the diagnose...now she wants to get in and work in the visa but she is afraid this will be a barrier?
  2. it was for a personality disorder
  3. it doesnt matter just want my questions answered
  4. He wants to live and work there
  5. i already read that....it is a problem? right? he should be worried. I know that it is a long process but i need some clear answers.
  6. green card
  7. So...your saying its not possible?
  8. a friend of mine he got a preliminary diagnosis of a mentall illnes a few months ago... he doesn't agree with it and since then didn't start treatment... but its says on paper. No he wants to live in the usa for his job but he is worried this will be a barrier and he will get denied visa. He is a very stable guy so i dont even know why he went to a psychologist. He is not emotional at all. Will this cause issues for him getting a permanent visa? im asking here cause he doesn't know where to find info. There was no psychology test before this diagnosis by the way just based of one convo
  9. anna6689

    Work visa....? anxiety?

    Hi everyone...im new on this forum...i have a question. Is it possible to get into the usa a permanent visa with an anxiety problem on your health record?