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  1. We received our NOA2 approval notice on January 24. There are two concerns. I call NVC and they still haven't received our petition. Then I called USCIS to check the reason why and they say that I should give it another 90 days for NVC to receive it. Then I told them, that it was worrisome because the Approval Notice has a time limit until May 23rd. Then the USCIS customer service agent was not sure as to why I had an expiration date to my petition. Please, has this happened to anyone else? And if so, what happened? I am concerned since we want to be able to everything within the given time. Is this normal? Please, help?
  2. Hola mamma!!! Yes thank you so much!!! It is great to know I can relate to someone here, too. The difference is that my fiance is Venezuelan and lives in Ecuador. It's too bad you are so far away in Maryland we could meet up and talk about our experiences. Jajaja Did you file with a lawyer or doing it all on your own? We went ahead and did it all ourselves. It is a lot of work and time, but it truly is worth it now that the hardest part of this process is over and approved. Woohoo! Regarding my question, so what can he use as an ID for a direct flight? Could he still use his passport? I mean even to NJ or California or Hawaii as well? So you mean direct flights within the US shouldn't be a problem? I am asking because if he comes to FL we can do the court marriage and then do the ceremony and everything in PR! It's cheaperfor us I think and we can honeymoon there for sure. No? What do you think?
  3. My fiance and I finally received our NOA2 letter of approval yesterday. Now we need to wait for the second half of the process. At least now we have a better visual, which allows us to plan better for the wedding. I live in Florida, but I am from Puerto Rico. I would love to be able to get married by the court here and then have our religious ceremony in Puerto Rico. Would he be able to travel to PR, since it is a US territory and fly back to Florida? It would cost us a lot less to do it over there and would be way more beautiful! If he can travel to PR within the 90 days of his visa, would he be able to go to any other state taking a plane? We would love to go and visit my other family members and his friends since he will be arriving during the summer God willing.
  4. My fiance and I are still in the process of recieving the NOA2. When I estimate timeline all should be approved by the end of June, God willing, and we can get married in July 2019. This is all in God's hands ofcourse. The reason I am writing this forum is because I would like to know how can I help give my future husband a wedding surprise gift. I would love to bring his parents to the wedding. He has only one aunt here, legally, but no other family. He has never been married and it would be the biggest dream for him to have his parents at the wedding. We had even talked the idea of having two weddings one for my family and friends and one for his, but I think it would cost less to have them come here. They live in Venezuela, and have never traveled to the US before nor any other country for that matter. They own a little food business to keep them fed and have no wishes of leaving there country on new ventures at this old age. They are also humble and honorable people with no criminal background. Please, could you help me or at least inform me of how to make my fiance's dream come true. All we both desire is to have both of our parents be present on our special day and bless us under God's name in person. Please, what can I do?
  5. Thank you so much. I didnt stay at any hotel. I do have passport and tickets and reciept of plane flights. I will then add chats of us that are important. Most of our talking is via video or whatsapp phone calls. So, not a lot is written that is relevant to what you mentioned. Except our wedding plans and getting to know each other all over again after so many years. Jaja We only have spanish, i speak spanish so thats how we communicate. Thanks about the google translate idea. All of this has been very helpful!
  6. Oh thank you for this. I had thought that it would be tough. Could you please let me know if i am on the right track? I am sending the following. Proof of meeting *How we met pics and posts made on Facebook from that time. *Meetings 1,2 & 3 pics of each day with each other, with family, friends, and receipts of tourist places (we always paid cash and stayed in his apartment, no hotels) Proof of intent to marry * letters of intent (his is dated july 30 he signed it when I went to see him in June, should i have him make a new one scan it and send it to me? I am hoping to send application this week) * engagement ring with receipt * proposal day pictures, posts on facebook and instagram and comments of family and friends *chat we had about wedding plans and budget *a letter of support of our relationship from my mother Proof of Ongoing Relationship *pics of exchange of gifts (i cant find the receipts though, because i didnt know i needed them) *screenshots of us video chatting per whatsapp or Facebook messenger every month of this year together 2017-present because thats when we officially became exclusive and knew we were in love (some are with my daughter and I, some are with my mom, nephew and such) *phone logs since 2017, i have some on messenger from 2016, but they also have chats so I dont know if to include *I was going to include screen shots of when i posted a video of him 8 yrs ago on facebook and our comments, to show how long we know each other *inlcude recent chats of him with my mom, grandmother and my father. (to show their support) and myself with his mother and sister *A copy of a note he wrote me when I left! Please let me know if this is good? Am I missing anything? Do I need anything else? I didnt want to include to much of the chats, because they are long and in Spanish. The translating everything from spanish to English is time consuming. What do you mean "Objectively" when you said:"Entire chat transcripts are not necessary unless they discuss the serious nature of your relationship in an objectively convincing fashion." ? Another question. My fiance knows little English, he understands some but he cant speak it. He is learning little by little, but not much. Will that be an issue at the embassy in Guayaquil?
  7. Thank you so much! I already had made a meeting in person with pictures, receipts, and plane tickets. I also included pictures of our video chats. Thank the Lord, that means I am done. He sent me the letter of intent signed, but it's dated July 30th, if I send the packet tomorrow will the letter be fine? Or is it too old? Btw do I have to be present at the interview, since he is the one living in Ecuador and I am requesting for? Thanks again!
  8. Thank you all so much for everything and answering my question. I feel much better now. Btw my fiance lives in Ecuador but he is Venezuelan. I am going to send a copy of his Ecuador Resident Visa and his Ecuadorian ID. That would work for him to have his interview at the Ecuador US Embassy, right? Thank you again for your help and support.
  9. Which legal/financial docs. I am sending my divorce papers. I have my w2 and the financial form needed to show I can sponsor. Is there something else?
  10. I am trying to finish my I-29F packet to send to Texas. I am now working on the proof of relationship. I know I must include phone call logs, chats, video chat pics, and other communication. But I have known my fiance for 9 years. It is a lot of data facebook messenger, facebook pages, whatsapp chats (us, my daugheter, my friends,and my parents), hangout chats, instagram, and pictures and all in Spanish. 1. How do I make this simpler for myself? 2. What is really necessary for me to include? I am up to 32 pages and I am only in year 2016. HELP??? 3. Should I just include the last two years only? I just wanted to prove we know each other 9 years as well. 4.. Do I need to translate everything? Please, what do I do?
  11. Aa mentioned before my fiance is Venezuelan, but is living with a temp residency in Ecuador. He is in the middle of a process of getting full custody of his 6 year old son. God willing, he will move from Venezuela with my fiance by the end of next month. I need to know, we want to send the I-129F package to USCIS this month. How can we include his son in the process, since he doesn't live with him yet? Will I need to include his son's paperwork in the packet as well? Please, help? We want to start the process already and we don't have money for a lawyer that's why we are trying to do it ourselves. What should we do?
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