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  1. A lot of people in the military use there parent's address for official mail.
  2. Your expected to apply within 90 days for AOS, but there have been people that wait, 4, 6, 8 years to do this. If your going through the Raleigh NC office it is one of the fastest in the country, we got our green card in 78 days. You can't file for AOS until after you have a marriage certificate. (after your married).
  3. It's most typical they will ask the applicant how she communicates with you, and if she says English they will try to complete the interview in English.
  4. Med center processes people all day, if they recommend something you might as well go ahead and get it there. Otherwise if you don't or you need a second shot in a series you just walk into a Walgreens in the USA pay $20 for it and take the receipt to your AOS interview.
  5. Its Russia, so most Russians would bride the office to produce it faster. Within 30 days is standard so you may get it in time either way.
  6. We use Cricket and Lyca. Cricket (AT&T reseller) has 4 unlimited lines for $100. Lyca is $29 for unlimited (but throttled speed after 6gb) but they have pretty large free international network.
  7. There is a store across the street from Kyiv embassy where they will store phones for a small fee. Meest is the best for USA-Ukraine shipping, not sure how they do it so cheap. Turkish airlines generally has the best baggage policy, if coming via UIA on their directly flight to NYC you can sign up for a credit card and get 2-3 Bags free.
  8. You don't have to have a return ticket, in most cases from USA at least a round trip ticket is cheaper than a one way ticket though. I don't speak any Russian and at entry they just stamp you through or they say "tourist" in english and you node your head.
  9. We had: What are the names of his children? Have you worked since entering the US? Have you voted in an election in the US? A series of questions about if you were a terrorist, have you shot anyone, trafficked anyone?
  10. Mailed AOS Package on Feb 8th and were approved on May 2th. We were notified of interview date in Early April, Received temp travel/work earlier in mid April as well. The other person we knew in state also got a under 3 month file to approval. Everyone was super nice and interview was a breeze. Asked for copy of marriage license, asked her the names of my kids and about 20 "are you a criminal type" questions.
  11. I would suggest you look through your general statues for your state. When the subject has been brought up for my state (North Carolina) generally all the information posted on the boards is wrong. Most of it pertains to residency. Our state has a similar requirement that you get a license within 60 days of becoming a resident (30 in your state). A resident is defined by someone that has lived in the state for 6 months, if they are not otherwise considered a resident of another state or country. Residency as it applies to driving licenses is not where you live, it's a legal definition set by your state. While I didn't read through all the applicable laws for Ohio, this is the definition of a resident as it applies to Licensing in Ohio law: "Resident" means a person who, in accordance with standards prescribed in rules adopted by the registrar, resides in this state on a permanent basis. If you have an adjustment of status pending not sure how you can be considered permanent until a Green card is issued.
  12. Wife came on K1, we are married and the K1 is outside 90 days now. It will be another 5 months before travel authorization. Customs is not an issue domestically but will there be issues going through security checkpoints? She would have a foreign passport in her former name with the expired K1 attached. Should the ticket be booked in her current name, or name to match the passport. They did check the actual visa in the passport the other times we flew.
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