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  1. You are misunderstanding my question. I make plenty over the poverty guide lines before my unemployment. My question is if I can use my unemployment for income since i will update and bring the updated form with me to the interview. If not, i can prepare for joint sponsor..
  2. I did the process myself and I was told originals would be sent back. A big regret and lesson learned.
  3. So basically, I need to fill out a new I-864? Do I just print off bank statements showing my unemployment direct deposits?
  4. I only got the original and i made paper copies of it but I sent in the original when filling K1
  5. Hi, Do you need the original birth certificate for the AOS Interview.? I sent the original when i summited the K1 process and I Never got it back? I was told to go to the interview with paper copy and hand them the G-844 to be signed? Can someone please clarify? Thank you
  6. Hi, I summited my wife's AOS back in February of 2020. We finally got a noticed for interview schedule yesterday but the problem now is Im currently not working. I still make more then the requirements even off my unemployment but do i still need a joint sponsor? If so, do i just have my joint sponsor fill out a I-864?
  7. Once both forms are completed. What all needs to be included and where do I send each package. The mailing address is different for both forms. One says if filling with pending I-485 send to Dallas and other is to Chicago.
  8. My wife has had her combo card since May of last year 2020. Our interview has been ready to schedule since May. Due to this pandemic, we have not traveled outside of the states while waiting for I-485 interview. I believe the card is only valid for one year. Has anyone renewed theirs and do you have to pay the fees again?
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