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  1. As of today, current available interview date in Laos is November 7th. You can keep checking if anyone cancels which is rarely and if an early date comes up you can reschedule. I've been checking everyday and it just keeps going further out. I even called the Laos embassy and they told me what they have open is what we see online.
  2. Is there anyone else still waiting on NOA2?? Haven't heard anything from this thread lately. If not, Congrats to you all. Our wait is over..
  3. Yes, once i got my case number i filled out the DS160 and had my fiance paid the visa fees in Laos. I schedule my interview in late April and my appointment date is August. Once your case is ready and sent to Laos, the Laos embassy will send you an e-mail but you do not have to wait for the response. The email just tells you to do the DS160 and medical. Currently as of today, the next available interview date is November. Because i knew the longer i waited, the further the interview date. My fiance has already done her first medical exam and now waiting for her immunization shots. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask or Message me.
  4. Once i got my case number from NVC, I did my ds-160 and scheduled my interview date. You can do the medical later when you received the notice that its been sent to the US embassy in Laos because your petition will get there before your interview date. I didn't receive a letter, only an e-mailing stating that its in transit and once they received it, they sent me another e-mail to follow the next steps which were to have my fiance schedule her medical and prepare the documents needed for her interview.
  5. I got the case number but not hard copy. Should I complete DS-160 and pay visa fee to setup interview or wait until hard copy in mail?
  6. I want to post up in my regional forum except I dont know how and there is not very many who are active for Laos.
  7. what happens if your petition expires before your interview date? Do you have to get it extended or does the consular office recognized it and do it for you?
  8. Today I called NVC and they gave me my case number and invoice ID. I do not have the hard copy in hand. The rep told me they received my approved petition 3 days ago and have no time frame to when they will get my info into the system and send it to my embassy. I would like to schedule my fiancee's interview ASAP because it's currently pushed out to mid July for next available date. Medical exam is very easy and she can walk into an appointment anytime. My question is, can I complete the DS-160 now and pay for the Visa fee so i can schedule the interview prior to NVC sending my petition to the Laos Embassy? I'm almost positive the interview date will be after they actually received my petition from NVC. I feel that the longer i wait for hard copy, the further out the interview date will be and I want to have a set date so i can book my flight. Any advice or experience with similar situation?
  9. I haven't received hard copy of NOA2 but I've gotten the e-mail approval without receipt number. When can I file the DS-160? I want to set up interview date first because they are currently two months out and medical can be done immediately. Please advise on your suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, they said they are working hard and its currently being reviewed. 30 days to check back. How did you write a letter to the congressman? Do you mind messaging me what you wrote to them?
  11. Any July filers still waiting for NOA2? I"m going on 235 days. I check both sites daily but i don't think they update them because I know my cousin is waiting for interview date and his still shows RFE letter sent out.
  12. Thank you for prompt replies.. Greatly appreciated.
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