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  1. Hi , Thanks for your response. I was thinking about that. Since our 2019 tax transcript will show that we did joint tax return for 2019 and it doesn't breakdown by her and my income, so i though they would want to know that she was aware of it as her tax transcript is being used. Although I can get a letter from my employer showing my yearly salary, I just don't want to take the risk of getting an RFE. Multiple posts on this website suggests that my wife should fill out I-864A
  2. Hi, I hope you all are doing well. My mother is petitioner for my brother, and she has zero income. I am sponsoring my brother as Joint sponsor. I filed joint tax return with my wife for 2019. My wife has zero income. I have sufficient income So, my mom will fill out I-864, I will fill out I-864 and my wife will fill out I-864A. I had few questions regarding these forms. I am hoping that your experience with these forms will help my situation. My I-864 For part 1 question 1, should I select 1.d ( only joint sponsor) or 1.e? I believe I should select 1.d since I am the main joint sponsor (even though my wife is filling out I-864A) . For part 6, question 8,10, I believe should include my wife’s name and show zero income? My Mom’s I-864 Since she had zero income, I guess I should just write an statement saying why was not required to file any tax returns? My wife's I-864A She came to USA in 2019. So we filed joint tax return for 2019 even though her income was zero. I believe information that goes in for 2019 tax returns will be identical for me and her forms? For 2018 and 2017, I plan to write N/A in here forms as she wasn't here in USA in those years.
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