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  1. i just have a seperate folder of our sponsor and co sponsor, a seperate folder for my papers and seperate folder for my k2 documents
  2. oh when i checked the link and its says that no need or does not required as long as the k2 listed on the k1's section, and i put my k2's name there 😊, thank you for the info
  3. i already filed AOS with my k2, but i submitted only ONE affidavit of support, does the k2 need to submit also too ? coz i already put my k2's name on the affidavit of support that i sunbmitted
  4. so we need to fill up the new form, my interview is May 9 😢
  5. i have my interview on May 9, last Dec my fiance send me the original copy of form I 134, on the upper right corner it say that it will expires on Nov 30, 2018, and the edition 11/30/2016 (on the lower left corner), my question is if i can still use the form that my fiance sent, even it has a new 134 edition?
  6. asking for a friend, what does this means... "Document mailed" status for Form I-129 I'm seeing a "Document Mailed" status for my form I-129 with the following message: "We mailed your document for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WACXXXXXX. If you do not receive your... More
  7. can my fiance make his sibling a co sponsor even if they not living in the same house? and can we make his parents a co sponsor too even if they have previously submitted affidavit of support to his other sibling?
  8. oh thank you for that info, do we need to submit those documents or i'll just bring it on the day of my interview just in case our application will be appprove
  9. hi we've got our noa1 and while waiting for the noa2, me and my fiance gathering some informations and documents that will be needed if we got our noa2, will my fiancee need a sponsor (his parents or siblings) and what are the forms or documents he need to submit?
  10. our packet is already done and will send it this week, but im confused where we will file our petition, what service center? coz we put it the address to texas service center, my fiance is located in Texas
  11. we already sent the widrawal letter last July but until now theres no response from them
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