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  1. Yes of course! My school knows the situation and basically I'd just have to pay another semester of tuition to still be a student there, and schedule the defence once the AP is issued. I just wanted to make sure that the US wouldn't have an issue with this. But according to everyone so far, sounds like they don't care
  2. Yes, I'm probably overthinking this but I just want to be 100% sure. Thank you for your input!
  3. So they for sure won't care because I'm a) not receiving money so it's not employment and b) not attending a US university? I'm trying to find confirmation of this online but can't seem to find it short of talking to an immigration lawyer.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm in a weird situation and I need some advice from the immigration side. I have my K1 and it expires in January, but my masters thesis defence can't be scheduled until after I move, but it can scheduled for when I can come back either on AP or with a green card. Will it be an issue if I'm still registered as a student in Canada while moving to the US on a K1?
  5. Thanks for the website! Really helpful. Also shocked to see how many times I’ve crossed recently!
  6. Yes I know how you feel! If I can easily access my I-94 I’m assuming they can too, I just hope they realize I’m not saying that’s every time I’ve crossed.
  7. Yes someone on reddit gave me the link as well, I have 75 from the past 5 years! I was only able to put 10 in before the website crashed. I hope they don’t put too much weight on that section and they realize I have more than that?
  8. Hi everyone, hopefully someone can give me a hand with this. I'm filling out the DS-160 for my K1 and there is a question asking for details on ALL US visits. Basically it gives little fields for date and for length of stay. I have checked the CEAC sample DS-160 form (which is filled out for a different type of visa), and that one says last 5 but my application says ALL visits. This sounds fine if you can count your visits on two hands, but the thing is I'm Canadian and from a border town so I drove there a lot with my parents growing up, used to be a commuter student at a university in the US while I lived at home in Canada on an F-1 where I'd cross every. single. day, and now I drive through Michigan every few weeks/months to go from one part of Canada to another all the time. We're not issued visas to visit the US either, so I have no paper documentation of my visits. I don't even have boarding passes from flights either because I've never used an airport POE. My last 6-8 visits have been one-day or less only. And even when I've been on 1+ week-long visits, we'd go in and out of Mexico occasionally using a land crossing too, so dates are really random. Looking for some guidance on what do about this! Thanks.
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