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  1. You need to bring the old green card with you (just in case have an id with you also) and the letter for the appointment. You filled roc may this year so the next time you hear something about the case will most likely be around may 2020.
  2. You can get one even on your interview. So there is always a chance.
  3. Package sent 08/27/2018 California Package sent to Nebraska 09/25/2018 Biometrics done 06/13/2019 Status changed to green card was being produced 09/17/2019 No rfe, no interview
  4. Later on in the process they might need you to do biometrics. Next step is either a rfe or interview/straight approval. But you still have a whole year to wait so buckle up. It's a long ride ahead oh you.
  5. Would have been easier if you just started your own thread instead of spamming in every month's one. You need to provide more info of what you already have sent in order to give you better advice. What documents did they ask you to provide in the rfe? You need to follow their instructions and send the ones that they need. It's hard to tell if you are going to get an interview or not. There are a lot of people who got their approvals after responding to the rfe. If they are not satisfied with your response and still have questions about your relationship you will probably get an interview. Try not to stress about whether or not you will get an interview focus on providing the documents that they ask for in the rfe and everything should be fine.
  6. First the petition is not yours. Your spouse is the one filing to remove conditions since you are the usc you have nothing to remove. Second you both need to attend the interview when filing jointly. That's always been the case. I don't know where did you read that this is something new. Read the guidelines very carefully before filing. Obviously you have quite of a misunderstanding going on. And yes you need to include your divorce decree.
  7. I know these questions have been addressed before, but wanted to hear your recent approach about them. Started filing the online form for N400 based on the 3 years rule but all the questions about previous addresses, work places and trips outside of the states are formulated to include information for the last 5 years. Did you just provide information for the last 3 years and ignored the fact that is telling you that you missed some time line or you went and completed the questions for all 5 years? And especially the question if we have made any trips outside of the states for the last 5 years. I haven't made any since my last entry in 2015 and becoming a permanent resident in 2016. So do I just say "no" to that question keeping in mind that i am filing under the 3 years rule and haven't left the country since obtaining my green card or do i say "yes" and include the time stamps that I was outside the country before my last entry? Looking forward to hear about your experience with the online application.
  8. The same question has been asked at least once a day in this forum. Nobody can give you a straight forward answer because nobody knows the reason. That's what's been going around for many applicants. Just take it as is and be excited that there's been movement for your case. Next step is potential approval
  9. Don't send additional evidence without receiving a RFE. More likely than not they are going to get lost before getting the chance to be added to your initial file. If you happen to go to an interview later on bring the additional evidence with you.
  10. Some did receive a notice that their previous biometrics will be reused and now few months later the same people are receiving letters that they need to do their biometrics. So more likely than not you will have to do them.
  11. There is a pinned thread in the beginning of the group started by CookieCat where she explained in details all the documents that she submitted with an example of a cover letter and made it very easy to follow. Take a look at that and gather all the ones that you have and be prepare for a response later on. In your case you should have sent them with the difference of including the reason for the late filing in the cover letter.
  12. Since you have your extension letter in hand, you dont need to do anything else. They will send you a letter scheduling a biometrics appt which can be between a few weeks from now or few months.
  13. Would be nice if you combine all the questions that you have in one thread instead of starting a new one everytime you think of something . Also if you would have spent a little bit of time researching in the forum you would have find the answer for all of them. It doesn't hurt to include pictures when you were just dating and the engagement but focus on the ones after the marriage took place.
  14. Just receive a letter from USCIS saying that I need to do biometrics in two weeks from now. Things are starting to move for us August fillers.
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