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  1. Thanks guys for your outstanding support I ve received the QD email one hour ago uploaded on May 3 rd
  2. I have submitted my documents on May 3rd when should I expect my case to be reviewed?
  3. Ok i meant I got my tax transcripts on my computer as a document can I just go ahead and upload them like that or I have to print them out scan them and upload them after getting them scanned
  4. Hey everyone I’m at the submunition stage at Nvc So my question is can I upload my tax transcripts as a simple file or I have to get them scanned before uploading Thanks
  5. Oh ok so I just need to upload a scanned of her biometric page of her passport?
  6. Hey morning I’m from Senegal and I’m at the Nvc stage right now already paid fees waiting to upload docs but i got a question do I need to upload two photos forma us or just a copy of the biometric page of my spouse thanks Good luck on your journey
  7. I ve received yesterday my Case number and invoice number. Thanks for your help
  8. Congratulations bro,mine was received on March 27, but til now I haven’t received my invoice and case number Hopefully it gonna be this week coming I’m from Senegal
  9. I hope so, you said November 28,2018 why it took so long ?
  10. Congratulations on your approval, my case was approved on February 27 and Nvc received it on March 28 (which is too long for me) I’ve called Nvc last week and I’ve told my case is on electronic process until I don’t know when My question when should I get a case and invoice number my I130 was received by Nvc for almost 3 weeks now I’m a us citizen filing for my spouse.
  11. I ve been calling but they hang up the phone after the message
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