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  1. It went through and I was approved my wife been in us since November it was just a lack of documentation I had to complete it and everything went smooth
  2. Good morning everyone Got my IL for 08-17-2019 for Dakar Embassy, my case was expedited and all months of July and August were already booked the earliest one was September 17 Good luck everyone
  3. Can someone explain me how Nvc can cancel my interview for unforeseen circumstances , I’ve never received such an email from them for my IL.
  4. Just wanna share with VJ members , my case expedite was accepted by the U.S. Embassy in Dakar because of my wife’s pregnancy who is 7 months now and my cc was May 14th. Thanks the Lord
  5. I spoke with a nice Nvc guy yesterday but he told me they will schedule interviews til the 19th of July for August and after this date they will be focusing on September Interviews as I understood
  6. So I’m a bit confused and kinda lost because a I sent an email to the U.S. Embassy in Dakar asking about the interviews schedule and they told me Nvc is the one who schedule them and when you reach Nvc they tell you the opposite...
  7. I’m waiting for an interview for my I130 petition, my case was approved since May 14 my spouse is 7 months pregnant Can I request an expedite just because of pregnancy??
  8. Congratulations on your IL hopefully Dakar Senegal gonna do the same as Ghana Embassy Cc May 14 PD November 27, 2017
  9. Hello guys does someone know the estimated waiting time for Dakar Embassy, my Cc date was May 14 and I’m still waiting for the interview letter it’s been over 3 weeks now
  10. Thanks guys for your outstanding support I ve received the QD email one hour ago uploaded on May 3 rd
  11. I have submitted my documents on May 3rd when should I expect my case to be reviewed?
  12. Ok i meant I got my tax transcripts on my computer as a document can I just go ahead and upload them like that or I have to print them out scan them and upload them after getting them scanned
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