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  1. for the EAD, you will be provided with a tracking number once it is shipped. Ours was approved dec 5 and will be delivered dec 13.
  2. Hello everyone, we got approved for our EAD and should be getting it soon. Anybody that’s based in California knows what we need to bring to the DMV to get a drivers license? thanks in advance
  3. Hello all, currently getting ready to file AOS, on our marriage certificate we wrote mother's legal name instead of name at birth. On the I-485, it asks for mother's name at birth and legal name(we wrote down both), would this blunder on the marriage certificate cause an issue? thanks!
  4. Yes please, I have this very similar question regarding international moving company/shippers. My fiance has a few things she wants to move with her. I did find one company but their price seems outrageous, I did a sample quote of a surfboard and they wanted 500 USD to ship a surfboard.
  5. What I did was xerox plane tickets/boarding passes, put photos into a ziplock bag when I send in my petition. Did you follow the guide on VJ?
  6. I've read that the embassy does not do a credit check so you don't necessarily have to list those. I only put my gross income on mine, did not put any debt or mortgages info and did not have any problems.
  7. NVC forwards your packet to the embassy in your fiance's home country. I'm not sure if the part after is country/embassy specific but the embassy emailed me a checklist to forward to my fiance.
  8. I could be wrong but I don't think you are allowed to translate your own documents since you are the petitioner. after much googling, it seems that you can translate your own documents if you are fluent in both languages but some advise not to because you are interested party.
  9. because like i have mentioned, I figured that is something they can find out. If that is not possible then I do apologize for my misinformation.
  10. because wouldn't they be able to find out why they're denied?
  11. So are you saying they won't get a reason to why they're denied?
  12. just hang on tight like others have mentioned since you already emailed the embassy, wait and see if you get a second interview otherwise wait and see what the reason for denial is. good luck
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