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  1. I believe all you need is the case number to start the DS-160.
  2. No problem, ultimately the choice is your to make. It's just there's some threads on here regarding sending chats log in the initial petition mainly due to providing too much information, you don't want to give the CO too much information so they can analyze it and question you. As an after thought. I suppose since you hired an immigration lawyer, I would just go with what they say so if something does goes wrong you can blame them for the problem so they can't say well we suggested this but you didn't want to do it.
  3. myjourney2018

    Copy of I129F before mailing in

    Ahh I see, my bad, didn't realize you were close to NOA2.
  4. myjourney2018

    Copy of I129F before mailing in

    you probably want to wait closer to the NOA2 for affidavit of support documents. The CO probably want see more recent documents rather than 6-8 months old ones. If you're bored, you could probably get a head start research on the AOS process if you haven't already.
  5. myjourney2018

    Drug charge

    I'm not a lawyer but if we are going off the petition, I think the applicant will be okay. That's 2 possession charges and wasn't charged with drug trafficking.
  6. Amazing how you're one day after me on the NOA1 but your approval is a few weeks behind.
  7. proof of an ongoing relationship is for the interview part, for the initial petition they just want to know you guys met in the past 2 years to fulfill the requirements.
  8. NVC Received 1/2, got case number today
  9. I'd imagine it to get a jump start.
  10. myjourney2018

    I-134 Dependents section

    I totally understand where you're coming from but to each his own I suppose. Up to the OP what he wants to do but I just feel like the section in the I-134 is pretty clear cut, it's either is this person currently depending on you or are they not, disregarding any future possibilities because there could be a million possibilities.
  11. myjourney2018

    I-134 Dependents section

    This is instructions for I-864. The original poster is referring to the I-134. There is no Part 5. Sponsor's Household Size on the I-134 form.
  12. myjourney2018

    I-134 Dependents section

    I'm a bit confused. The instruction said not to because you didn't claim him on your tax so are you trying to claim him on your tax so you want to put him as a dependent or what is the actual question or end goal here?
  13. myjourney2018

    I-134 Dependents section

    According to these instruction, you would not put him as your dependents since you did not claim him on your tax returns.
  14. yeah no one wants to be liable. Again I think you're good, take a deep breathe and enjoy the holidays with your spouse.