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  1. Until I have my Green Card in the US will I not be able to get my SSN from the social security office?
  2. I'll be entering the US after I turn 25 on a CR-1. My understanding is that I need to register for the Selective Service System, but my question is, have I somehow automatically enrolled through this visa process I've undertaken? I feel like there was a section on the DS260 that asked me if I would like to register but I can't seem to find it, but maybe it was just a warning. It also says you must register within 30 days of your 18th birthday, but I'm assuming it wouldn't be an issue for me if I register before I turn 26?
  3. I'm thinking a faster and more reliable route would be to apply for a SSN when I'm in the states, rather than the current order I put in through the DS260. - Is there a way to cancel my SSN request in the DS260? - Regardless of the request for the SSN, can I just go in person to request it when I'm in the states and get one anyway? Perhaps speed it up? - Does anyone have any experience with getting a SSN after requesting it on the DS260?
  4. Apelcina

    Returning passport after interview (question)

    Personally, I got mine back after exactly 1 week. They say it takes roughly 2 weeks in general and most people seem to get theirs in this period. However, I have seen some get stuck for months and I know that almost everyone will advise you to not book anything until you get it back.
  5. I'm sure it varies by embassy but expect questions like: - how did you meet? - what do they do for living? - how many times have you met? - what have you done together in the past or what do you enjoy doing together? - how many times have you been to the States? - have you been arrested or criminally charged before? - have you been married before? - do you have any children? - where do they live? Have they ever been married or had children, and so on.
  6. Apelcina


    We did not submit any extra photos at the NVC stage and my interview went fine.
  7. Apelcina

    Getting medical records in the UK

    I just had an appointment with my GP and I asked him for a summary. He printed off a two page document which had detail of my last two visits and a bullet point summary of anything I'd had in the past (and anything active if relevant). Vaccination record I got from the surgeries receptionist on 5 minute notice.
  8. Apelcina

    DS 260

    Just the bar coded page. If you want you can print the whole thing (I did) but I wouldn't offer it unless they ask for it and make sure its easy to separate the bar coded page from the rest. Personally, I wasn't asked for it.
  9. I got the same email and that is considered as case complete. We got another email about 2 weeks later with a scheduled interview date, time and information about getting to the embassy, setting up a courier and getting our medical done. Your longer wait may be because of interview availability. I think it is generally slower in India than in some other countries, but others from India may be able to share their experience. Or you can look for similar timelines.
  10. Appreciating my last days of lying in bed like the Vitruvian Man But seriously, you should learn to be happy with yourself and motivated to grow on your own. I doubt you're living in a slum so you have the internet, hobbies, jobs, study and social groups galore. Do you have any idea what you could do in 9 months if you put your mind to it? Learn an instrument, get a social job, volunteer. Not to be patronising, but we're creatures of habit and you may feel the same in America despite being closer to a relevant job and your partner. Key message is you have to be responsible for your own happiness.
  11. I just received my CR-1 visa. 10 months... what a long process and yet it seems we were lucky to do it faster than most. Whoever said patience was a virtue must have gone through US immigration. On the DS260 form I checked "Yes" to needing a SSN. I understand it's meant to be automatically sent to me, but: - do I need to do anything else or just sit tight? Is it at POE that they begin processing this? - can anybody share their experience with getting their SSN after a CR1, like how long it took?
  12. The i130a? Yes that it is required.
  13. Apelcina

    How soon after NOA2 should I call NVC?

    It took us 6 weeks and they quote 4-8, so you should be a bit more patient. If you want to know that they received your petition from USCIS you can call them and ask or send them an email.
  14. I had my interview 1 week ago in the London embassy. The interview area is open plan so you can hear other interviews as they happen, and you are stood up and speaking to a person through glass.
  15. K1 is the fastest way but that is a fiance visa, so that's unavailable once you marry. Most people would recommend CR-1/IR-1 visa anyway - this is the marriage visa and takes 12-15 months on average so she can't make it in time for your brother's wedding. You may be eligible for Direct Consular Filing: https://www.visajourney.com/content/dcf. DCF can be extremely fast in some stages but unlikely you'll finish the entire process in 2 months. 1. This is easily DIY if you follow the guides https://www.visajourney.com/content/guides/. People will help if you have specific questions but you'll unlikely find someone patient enough to explain "everything". Your first step is to file the i130 and i130a, along with supporting documentation. 2. Fastest way is the CR-1/IR-1 if you married (better than the K-1). 12-15 months on average (perhaps less with DCF). 3. As above. 4. You can do this process fairly easily on your own. Lawyers are needed if you have particular challenges to overcome, e.g. if her previous denials were due to illegal activities then lawyers can help with waivers. 5. Guides can show you how much this will cost. I have done the CR-1 and start to finish it has been approx $ 1,500