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    My Fiance is from Guatelmala and we met while he was in the US on business Feb 2017. I visted him in Dec. 2018 and he proposed 12/26/2018 at the gorgeous La ReUnion Golf Resort in Antigua Guatemala. Volcano exploding in the distance, it was more than I could have expected.

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  1. The time definitely took a toll. With him being as far away as he is, frequent travel was not an option. When you are living separtate lives so far apart, makes it real real tough.
  2. Sad to have come this far and have my foreign fiance terminate the relationship. I'm crushed, good luck to the rest of you, your NOA2 should be coming soon we all hope!
  3. There is a place to do an address change, I wouldn’t imagine that it changes processing time. But I don’t know that for sure.
  4. it’s been a struggle for me too. I just remind myself that if we can get through this it will make out happy ever after that much better. as far as who knows, my close inner circle knows, because we didn’t want to deal with the questions either. But they still ask even though you tell them, it’s going to be a while. The quest I hate most is when will you get to see each other again. It’s not like he’s just across the boarder, it’s an expense to travel for an extended time, it’s other wise not worth it to go just for a couple of days. Hang in there, keep your chin up. I joined the forum for it to be a support for me as I don’t know anyone else who has gone through something like this. So it’s hard to talk to someone about how you are feeling when they don’t know what it’s like. All things are easier said than done, a person just doesn’t know until they go through it. Im here to support, just want support in return:-)
  5. I talked to my attorney yesterday and she said she just got an noa2 from a mid December submission. Moving right along. Yay!
  6. We hired an attorney to assist us, it wasn't horribly expensive but its nice to have them. I joined this site just to see how its going for everyone and what to expect, informational purposes really. Its great to see everyone sharing so much. #loveislove
  7. I get it that its hard and knew that it would be. Just looking for additional suggestions. Thanks all.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to the forum, and just looking for some support. We had our packet accepted on 2/29 so based on current time lines we are looking best case scenario end of July before we hear anything on the first round. Luckily its not that far away. The phone conversations get a little tough and mundane because with him not here and me not there, the little day to day things just don't seem as important. We are looking at scheduling me a trip to visit him again in July, but the separation is killing me. How do you all deal with being apart? Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated. Nick
  9. Hey there! I haven't seen my fiance since the end of December. Our packet was received 2/29. What do you all do to keep phone conversations etc up beat an not stagnant with the typical how was your day, good just busy with work etc...
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