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  1. the issue that makes us uneasy is that it is a benefit that does not declare taxes, this benefit is free of taxes, therefore we are anguished, since we do not know if that becomes a point against
  2. Good day, I have an important question. I am the beneficiary and on August 31 I have my interview at the Embassy of Bogotá, Colombia. My fiancé will come to accompany me to the interview. My fiancé is a 100% disabled veteran of the army, receiving approximately 30,000 usd of annual benefits from the veterans department. We want to know if we will have a problem since this is a benefit that is exempt from taxes? Will we need a co-sponsor? or with the benefit you receive from V.A is enough? We are a little distressed.😢😢
  3. Buenas noches, tengo una pregunta importante. Soy el beneficiario y el 31 de agosto tengo mi entrevista en la Embajada de Bogotá, Colombia. Mi prometido vendrá a acompañarme a la entrevista. Mi prometido es un veterano 100% discapacitado del ejército, recibiendo aproximadamente 30,000 usd de beneficios anuales del departamento de veteranos. Queremos saber si tendremos un problema ya que este es un beneficio que está exento de impuestos. ¿Necesitaremos un copatrocinador? o con el beneficio que recibe de VA es suficiente? Estamos un poco angustiados. 😢 😢
  4. @K1visaHopeful @Greenbaum So we should not have any problem if he only receives the VA money? He receives enough to be able to sponsor me.
  5. @ K1visaHopeful Sure!!, this is the experience http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/view-dos-cis-reviews.php?entry=23554
  6. @K1visaHopeful Agradezco su respuesta y me da alivio. lo que sucede es que aparentemente una dama en Colombia tenía un problema. Y cuando leí su experiencia, tuve un poco de angustia porque mi novio también recibió solo dinero del VA y pensé que eso nos causaría un percance. Dime cómo te va en tu entrevista, te deseo buena suerte
  7. Hi, I hope everyone is well. I wanted to ask something in reference to the affidavit of support. What happens is that my boyfriend is a 100% disabled veteran due to medical problems. and the money he receives is paid directly by the army veterans department. I wanted to ask; Will we have any inconvenience in the interview at the embassy since this money is tax free? or do we need a sponsor? Do you know any case of a Veteran? Help, we are very scared and we did not find much information in reference to this topic! Psdt: the money he receives from the VA meets the poverty level.
  8. Good morning guys, my package is Ready according to the NVC page since yesterday. My fiancé nowhere put my email to get the instructions. I do not know whether to schedule the interview in Bogotá Colombia, or whether or not I should wait for the instructions. Even if they do not have my email 😅😅 Is it necessary to wait for p3, so that I can schedule my interview?
  9. I hope you are having a good day, I would like to ask: My fiancé served in the army for 8 years, he is currently a disabled veteran and receives enough money from the VA. Does this serve as an economic backup? the veterans department gives it to him as a benefit because he is 100% disabled
  10. Hola, tengo una pregunta. Mi prometido es veterano del army y es 100% desabilitado, recibe el suficiente dinero para poder respaldarme económicamente. El dinero que recibe es del VA. Mi pregunta es: para la entrevista y el i134 este dinero cuenta como respaldo económico?
  11. Hola, nos aprobaron el Caso el 25 de Junio, pero me gustaría saber los tiempos aproximados en la embajada de Bogotá Colombia. No encuentro información de casos Colombianos, y al parecer cada país tiene condiciones diferentes. Ayuda!
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