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  1. Hi everyone, when applying for AOS, if you have health insurance from marketplace will you be considered as public charge? Is it the same as medicaid? Obamacare?
  2. Hi guys, when filing for AOS for K1 and K2 is it advisable to file together or is it fine to file it separately since it's a little expensive and also when filing for AOS is the EAD/AP included or it's also needed to be filed separately? Thanks.
  3. Is there an issue on checking the visa status? I've been checking the status of my K1 and K2 from Immigrant visa status check, but it takes forever after I put the case number and the code.
  4. I have a child from my previous marriage and not claiming her as my dependent but I pay my child support. Do I still have to indicate her on the form as my dependent or I can just leave it blank. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm petitioning my fiance from the Philippines. We're done with the DS160 and already made an appointment for the Visa interview all she needs to do is her medical but my concern is the i129f validation is about to expire before the scheduled Visa interview. Do we need to ask for an extension? If so how can we do it? Thanks
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