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  1. Is there a site where you can track the nvc status, or just call?
  2. VJers I can't believe my eyes we finally got approved!!!!!! Old site: Dec 14th ( no update) New site: Dec 18th (updated) 😁🀘😁🀘😁🀘😁 Finally the day has arrived and we can breathe a little better. I know there are still applicants with dates prior to ours... im hoping you guys will get some progress soon!!!
  3. How long ago? I got the same response Dec 14th filer....
  4. So I received an email tonight and was hoping for some great news... and got a bs response where they just bought themselves 45 additional days... this is efin ridiculous! πŸ€¬πŸ’©πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€
  5. This happened to me . They asked for my fiance and I said im the one who applied and she refused to give me any info so I asked for a tier 2. 2 hours later the tier 2 called back and told me that a decision has not yet been made πŸ€”
  6. Did you get a response from the inquiry? I just got an automated response saying we got your response allow up to 30 days for a response. We are at day 221 since NOA1 😭
  7. Day 218 and still nothing... submitted an inquery due to processing time...a case officer assigned.. this really blows... another weekend with higher anxiety..I really don't get it.. we have a simple case, no previous marriage no criminal records planty of evidence and our case is not done...a decision not yet made is what we're told... feel like I'm going to loose my mind 😭 I know there are cases before ours that are still pending too.. but just frustrated to see January being approved and we are left behind like a dirty sock 😀😑🀬
  8. Day 214...so I called USCIS and spoke to a tier 2..they said decision has not yet been made...what is that supposed to mean? Anyone heard the same thing? πŸ€”
  9. Wow #######... im really sorry that's a huge wait.. πŸ€” Sending some positive goods luck vibes!! 🀞
  10. Same here... day 213 and it's really starting to make me mad... each day you hope it's going to be the day and nothing but frustration and letdowns 😀 whyyy is it taking so freaking long?!?! Really hoping it's coming soon!!!! πŸ™
  11. So I did some chatting with an immigration attorney just to try to better understand why certain cases get worked before others...we are day 209 and still nothing. I was told that they actually do work in order however some cases take longer to get security clearance so instead of sitting and waiting they move on to the next and so on. He did say in his experience if its natrulized citizen filing it takes longer than an actual us born citizen since they have to pull the natrulized citizens archive and that takes longer to obtain to get security clearance...thought I share with you guys
  12. Yeah curious to know the app name I like that you can filter out the K1's... what's the name of yours?
  13. The USCIS Case Tracker App - Download in the App or Playstore
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