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  1. That’s not actually true. You can put all 0s or all 9s (I can’t remember which one) if you don’t have an ssn. I just did it.
  2. Deanwinchester

    CRBA Approved in Thailand

    Bring everything they request plus all the copies, proof, forms, etc. Make sure all of your documents are correct! Better to be over prepared!
  3. The whole process was very professional and straightforward. We brought way too many documents than requested but it turned out that's better than not having enough! We showed everything they wanted on the Chiang Mai CRBA checklist, had a short interview, and was told it was approved! The next week we picked up the CRBA and passport. We had passport stamps showing we were together in the same place at the same time, both names on the birth certificate, Thailand passport was obtained by both of us, we had everything in Thai translated for 300 baht a page, and brought it all to the interview. It was quick and painless. The week before we talked to a married couple that went and they said it was a breeze, but we were still nervous! Haha, it turns out we didn't have to be! Next step is the K-1 visa interview and hopefully to America! Whoa! What a process!
  4. Yeah now the rise in rates are steeper. Trump is so awesome.
  5. Thanks!! That’s awesome. We are ready for the interview now. How was your experience with the embassy?
  6. Very excited! We just mailed everything to the embassy they should have everything on Monday! For those who have filed in Thailand how many weeks does it take to get an interview? Do they email you about when your appointment is? Can I email them and ask? Or do I just look on the PDF they have on their webpage? If it’s the last thing then do I check that periodically or is it uploaded one time for one month?
  7. Deanwinchester

    Crba approved 👌

    Which country?
  8. Here’s a good link I found https://ca.usembassy.gov/education-culture/
  9. Hi, apply to study English at an English school. They’re not that expensive and you can stay for a long time. Or look into some other type of educational pursuit. It doesn’t have to be a university. I don’t know how long you can stay on one of these visas but you can get a bank account, apartment, etc and see where it goes from there. Maybe you’ll want to stay or maybe not but you should live here (USA) first.
  10. Deanwinchester

    DS-160 Fees confusion?

    MRV stands for Machine Readable Visa and it’s the visa fee you pay. You’re ds-160 has a confirmation page with a barcode that’s read by a machine. There are so many terms and websites to understand and use it’s no wonder you’re confused.
  11. I put unknown, left the line blank, or explained why I couldn’t fill out the form entirely. I was scared but the petition was approved in 5 months.
  12. Yes I agree, somewhat, have her look for love in America. You can want to be a usc and still really love the American too. You just date people who are usc and know why it’s only Americans (but not only for a green card). There are other routes too. Working, studying, etc.
  13. Why do I read you need to bring these to the interview online but nothing is required on the packet 3 or 4? Is it only some countries?
  14. Deanwinchester

    K-2 Visa help Thailand

    Hi I want to know if an illegitimate child needs parental consent or something else. The child is 4 years old and the father is not part of the picture and never has been.