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  1. Hi Everybody, i need again some help from you. Sorry if this question was asked before. I came in U.S. with K1 visa, got married and sent the AoS application in February. Unfortunately something unexpected just happened. My wife, that is also my only sponsor, was just told that her teacher contract will not be renew. This means that at the end of this month she won't have a job and we will not have any income. Is this a good reason to ask an expedite for my EAD ? and if yes what kind of documents i should send to prove this? the resignation form? We have some money saved but they won't least very long Thank everyone in advance
  2. Good morning everybody, i need some suggestions. I'm going to file my AOS from a k1 visa (i'm the husband) and my wife is U.S. citizen and my sponsor (affidavit of support). Now, due to her job she has to be in San Francisco for the next months (her residency has to be there) and i will stay in her mother's house in Los Angeles where i got SSN, applied for DL, etc At the time of the interview we will be for sure living together (in Los Angeles) i just want to know if it may be a problem to put 2 different residencies in the i-485. and i-864 Thank you in advance for you help.
  3. So you think that right now the wait time is about 9 months? or just random? Anybody else can share his experience?
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