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  1. Hi Everybody, i need again some help from you. Sorry if this question was asked before. I came in U.S. with K1 visa, got married and sent the AoS application in February. Unfortunately something unexpected just happened. My wife, that is also my only sponsor, was just told that her teacher contract will not be renew. This means that at the end of this month she won't have a job and we will not have any income. Is this a good reason to ask an expedite for my EAD ? and if yes what kind of documents i should send to prove this? the resignation form? We have some money saved but they won't least very long Thank everyone in advance
  2. Good morning everybody, i need some suggestions. I'm going to file my AOS from a k1 visa (i'm the husband) and my wife is U.S. citizen and my sponsor (affidavit of support). Now, due to her job she has to be in San Francisco for the next months (her residency has to be there) and i will stay in her mother's house in Los Angeles where i got SSN, applied for DL, etc At the time of the interview we will be for sure living together (in Los Angeles) i just want to know if it may be a problem to put 2 different residencies in the i-485. and i-864 Thank you in advance for you help.
  3. So you think that right now the wait time is about 9 months? or just random? Anybody else can share his experience?
  4. the I-129f is approved but i didn't go to the embassy so i don't have the Visa on my passport; does the CBP knows that i got a petition approved by the USCIS ?
  5. I was not askin if i should pick fiancee instead of job; i was just asking if the abandon of a K1 affects other visa requests
  6. Good morning everybody; i need your advices; i'm the beneficiary of a K1 visa petition; we got the NOA2 and our petition is at NVC now (i think) The situation is that i got a really got job offer for the next year in Italy; so i'm considering to abandon (i know that i can't delay 1 year) the K1 and file the CR1 next year, so i can continue working here; i'm not yet at the embassy phase; i did not take a decision yet and my questions are: 1) How to eventually abandon a k1 petition? 2) Does this will affect my ESTA visits? 3) Does this will affect my CR1 petition? 4) Last option: enter with k1 in USA, get married, but not file AOS and file CR1 later (bad idea?) thanks to everybody in advance
  7. i think u should wait the 45 days then do another enquiry; it happened to me also (but they told me to wait 30 days) after about 2 weeks we got the NOA2 good luck
  8. Hello! most of the consulates have the possibility to extend the expiration date of NOA2, over the initial 4 months ... leaving your country and changing your life is a big step, so they are usually flexible about choosing the day of the interview obviously in your case it's about 1 year later ... so I would not be sure
  9. Why do you think is a problem if you visit a month after the NOA2 ? Did you read anywhere that is a possibile issue? because basically im going 1 month after (about)
  10. i have your same issue; i'm going to visit my fiancè in US for about 3 weeks in end september we already received NOA2, 2 days ago i've read somewhere that NOA2 has an expiry date of 4 months (unless the embassy delays it)
  11. Hello everybody, finally after 2 enquiries and almost 230 days of waiting we got our APPROVAL no RFEs it showed only on old website and mobile application; nothing on new website, no hard copy, no email, no text messages; hope this is not an issue
  12. I'm really happy for you; unfortunately im at 225 days now without any news, they told us to wait other 30 days; it's really sad because i'm from Italy too and i had pretty the same wedding date as you but our plans just skipped completely
  13. just want to update my situation: called at 212 days, my fiancè told me that spoke with an officer that said we are under background check and we should wait other 30-45 days; the thing that upset me is that there is really nothing suspicious about our case: country: Italy, no past marriages, no children, many pictures together in 2 years relationship, first time met in person, about same age... really dunno what to think at this point hope the best for you
  14. we called the USCIS yesterday at 205 days; they said we are still in normal time and to call them when we are outside... at this point i really dunno what change for them if i call them again on monday so frustrating
  15. we are also almost at 210 days, today i think my fiancè will call the USCIS,
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