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  1. VAWA I-360 APPROVED TODAY. OMG, its been a long journey but thank God at last. (approximately 2 years till approval) case filed - July 2017 RFE - Dec 2018 (very extensive rfe, almost to proof everything.) - do not panic, they're merciful c31 card in production - May 2019 CASE APPROVED - July 10, 2019 Thank you everyone
  2. Please how long after I got the Card in production notice will I actually receive the approval on I-360. Its been over one month that I received card in production, and have the card in hand, but still waiting for Vawa approval. THIS IS CRAZY Thanks
  3. GOOD NEWS!!! Just in: I-360 Case status: CARD/DOCUMENT PRODUCTION (received email/text alert/status update) Its really been a very tough journey, but I give God all glory. Filed I-360: July 2017 no prima F. RFE: Dec 2018. RFE response: Feb 2019 After 95 days of responding to RFE, today 5/17/2019 - Card production. Question: Reading from this forum, i understood that Card Production is a sign of approval. Please how long from now will I get approval notice. Thanks all
  4. awwwwww! that so kind and consoling from you. i appreciate your good wishes and prayers. God bless you. thanks so much for your good kind heartedness, God bless
  5. My RFE is a little bit extensive, basically more proof to abuse and moral
  6. BIG AMEN TO THAT.... Thanks so much, God bless
  7. Oh wow, really? i thought its 30-60 days. Ok thanks
  8. Good day all, Please I have a question, I received an RFE which I responded back over 60 days ago, yet I have not gotten a response from USCIS. I'm kinda worried, I thought they respond back within 60 days you submit the RFE. It's now 63days they received the response to their RFE. So what do y' all suggest I do???? I filled vawa in 2017 July, received RFE in December 2018, responded back February 5 2019. Thanks
  9. wow, you got USCIS to approve your vawa quickly after responding to RFE? after one month of response they approved it -- that's nice My question why did you take long (three months) to reply to the RFE? was it a tough RFE? whats your RFE? I responded back to my RFE just last week, have not got any acknowledgement from them that they received it. still waiting and praying for success, God will see us through. AMEN
  10. i will recommend two attorneys for you, they're really good in VAWA (if you're in Los Angeles area) - Law office of David Haghighi - Law office of Victoria Suh look them up, they're really good and doesnt charge much. praying for you.
  11. Hey @Yalcin can you explain to us why you got denied? did you provided every required documents? did you got RFE, PF? please explain, its always very sad to hear about denied case. just relax and get another lawyer and re-apply. Goodluck thanks
  12. Yes ma'am, i submited a two pages psychological evaluation i did previously. Now im thinking of to do another one.
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