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  1. Hello all, I have a question, Do recipients of IR2 for infant have to pay the immigrant fee? You need an A# to do that, but IR2 recipients don’t have an A#.
  2. Thanks so much, I did paid 1 month prior to their arrival.
  3. Hi everyone, My wife and Son finally made it to the United States, I’m just curious to know how long it takes for them to get their Green Card and social security number as I need it to file my taxes?
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering how long it takes to get your documents in the mail after you paid the immigrant visa fee and arrived in the States?
  5. Friends I really need your help. My case is at the embassy and I was email twice by the embassy. the first email said the office is ready to begin final processing of the immigrant visa. That I may now proceed to schedule an appointment for a Visa interview. The second email states that the consulate is ready to proceed with my immigrant visa application and I should come to the consulate for my immigrant visa interview at the date specified in the correspondence I have received. But the problem is I haven’t received any correspondence with an interview date, and I also understand that it’s the consulate that schedule immigrant visa interview. Please anyone knowledgeable about this should help me out. Thanks
  6. I got my citizenship in June 2018, and yes I’m serving in the US Army, station in fort Bliss and have an Order to Korea and my report date is November 20th.
  7. I’m a US citizen serving in the military but I do not have the required 5 years stay in the US. My wife had our baby in January and the I130 was approved in May.
  8. No I do not qualify to pass citizenship, I did not meet the minimum of 5 years stay in the US.
  9. The baby can’t obtain naturalization through me, I did not meet the minimum of five years stay in the US.
  10. I just had my wife’s I130 approved, but she had a baby before the approval, can I also apply for a visa for the baby?
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